Seven Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Energy for Your Office

Solar Power Panel


There’s no doubt about it – traditional energy sources like oil and coal are facing a number of challenges. And alternative sources such as solar power, once viewed as a thing of the future, today pose as the only ethical, long-term option for many. Through eliminating the need to rely on large amounts of costly fossil fuels – and contributing to the deterioration of our planet as a result of using them – alternative sources of energy is a responsible way to generate power. Plus, according to The Union of Concerned Scientists, “All the energy stored in Earth’s reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas is matched by the energy from just 20 days of sunshine.” For that reason, why stop at looking into implementing solar power just in your home? Here are seven reasons why your company should make the switch, too:

1.     Minimal Environmental Impact

While it might seem obvious, the first benefit is helping our planet. Through the use of solar panels, you can harness the power your company needs to function without global warming emissions or toxic pollution.

2.    Potential Subsidies

According to SunlightElectric, two subsidies exist that when combined can bring down the cost of a commercial solar power system by up to 75 percent of the original installed price. Subsidies differ by jurisdiction, but generally, tax credits in proportion to the amount of generation capacity installed can be claimed by solar power users.

3.    Reduce the Reliance on Fossil Fuels

During his 2008 campaign, President Obama said this: “Our addiction to fossil fuels is one of the most serious threats to our national security in the twenty-first century.” Six years later, not much has changed. Initially thought to be a cheap way to fuel our nation, we’re now down to finite resources, making the cost exponentially increase. Our increased use of these fuels has brought about land and water pollution, global warming, acid rain and more.

4.    Save Company Money

This is where you need to look to the future, as the cost for the solar electric system and its installation might seem steep at the onset, remember, the electricity that’s produced won’t cost a penny. So when utility costs continue to climb, your company won’t be affected.

5.    Help Halt Further Global Warming

The pollutants collecting in the atmosphere have caused the average temperature to rise to the point that the average U.S. temperatures could be up to nine degrees higher by the end of the century. The responsibility to curb emissions falls on us and us alone, and solar power is one way to do your part.

6.    Create Jobs

From 2010 to 2013, the number of solar workers increased by almost 50,000 people, according to findings from the Natural Resources Defense Council. As more and more people commit to using clean, renewable energy options, this number is expected to exponentially increase – and we’ll need people to build and install the technology. Your investment in solar technology can help ensure this becomes a reality.

7.    Position Your Company as a Leader

Most people recognize the benefits of using sustainable energy sources, but lack in the follow through. You have the opportunity to position your company as a leader, one committed to making the world a better place both now and in the future. Lead by example and illustrate to others that if we want our future generations to have a future, we need to act now.

All that said, we realize this is no small decision. Hopefully these seven reasons provide you with some food for thought. Above all, this is an investment in the future that you can make now, with real benefits for both your company and the world at large.


Savannah MarieAuthor: Savannah Marie – concerned citizen