America’s “favorite” drugs by state

Drugs and Drug PolicyThere are many ways to examine and quantify America’s illicit drug use. Geography is one such method, but even then there are a number of ways to look at the same data. Each of the nation’s 50 states have a “drug of choice” – that is, the narcotic most frequently cited by law enforcement officials as the greatest threat to the health and safety of the public. Narrowing our search even further, we can identify which counties in each states represent the most active drug trafficking areas. For example: New Bedford, MA is notorious for having a very active heroin port. The abundance of heroin in the area recently resulted in 15 opiate-related drug overdoses in the span of 24-hours. Similarly, California is associated with meth labs and Florida is known for their cocaine dealers. Take a look at the infographic below to learn about the different states’ “drugs of choice,” the most popular drug trafficking routes, and America’s illegal drugs hotspots.


Drug Free? Think Again - America's Favorite Drugs by State
Infographic by Clarity Way Rehab Center

Author: Daniel Faris, Blogger at New Music Friday and BlogSpike


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