Plastic Surgery: Five Growing Trends in Today’s Beauty Industry

The aesthetic surgery and beauty industry depend on a good economy for growth. Right now there is an increase, but in past years of recessions in 2001 and 2007-09, the stagnation of the economy led to less procedures and products bought. The products supplied and bought are some of the most profitable since they can change and move with a flexible economy. Plastic surgery and more invasive treatments are what take a hit. For this market to stay competitive, more flexible products and marketing will need to be looked over and put out onto the market. The beauty industry will continue to grow with the economy and with more products, it leads to a market which is more fluid and maneuverable.

Plastic Surgery Five Growing Trends in Today's Beauty Industry

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The beauty industry continues to expand as consumers look for new products to make skin care, hair care, and make-up regimes more user-friendly and easier to access. The market for beauty products has never offered more choices or greater specialization. Greater spending power after the recent recession has provided entrepreneurs and established brands new opportunities in the marketplace. Some of the trends in the industry today show us where the focus is and where needs aren’t being met. Here are some of the biggest spenders on the market today.

Salon-Spas Gain in Popularity
Many working women are looking to their local salon-spa to maintain their look for work, and at the same time, take a break for a bit of stress management and relaxation. This has spawned a growing number of salon-spa businesses in communities across the country. Consumers appreciate a range of services from facials to body scrubs and massages. More and more the focus is on the root of problems like stress and health on beauty. These types of establishments reach out to solve both.

Growth in Organic, All-Natural Cosmetics

Consumers are not only concerned about what goes into their environments and in their bodies, they also want only wholesome ingredients in what goes on their bodies. The trend toward all-natural ingredients, organic products, and essences from nature continue to draw interest among these shoppers. Marine essences are one of the latest trends, with products containing algae and seaweed and Dead Sea mud being among the most popular. Other vegan beauty products are also gaining in popularity with buyers. Ingredients that are purely natural are topping charts.

Increasing Demand for Men’s Cosmetics
Men are enjoying a new interest in cosmetic products for hair and skin. The market continues to grow for products from tanning lotions to exfoliants, creating growing opportunities for new businesses to find a niche. Grooming has become an important facet of everyone’s career, and men have taken to expanded lines of cosmetics for men with gusto. This means specialized tools like razors, mustache trimmers and beard grooming kits are more and more coming into their own on the beauty market.

Startling Hair Colors
Women are excited about the new options in hair color that create an impact, including new colors, bold streaks, and a variety of innovative uses of color. Harper’s notes that neutral colors will be big in the new year, with deep blacks and the return of the platinum blonde. Salons with creative stylists that can provide new ideas for clients will have an advantage in the coming years. Hair will always be important, and with new trends coming out in styling and cutting, salons are chart topping still.

Broader Appeal of Cosmetic Procedures
The days of derm-abrasion and dermal fillers only being for wealthy, older women are over. Today, working women are reaching for a variety of procedures to keep them looking attractive on the job. Utah breast implant surgeons say they treat hundreds of patients and are using better technology like 3D imaging. Plastic surgery is gaining greater acceptance from men, as well. You can find many cosmetic surgery offices filled with men trying to keep their edge in the workplace with eyelifts, chin lifts, and other procedures that can make them look younger and more energetic. This means there is also a growth in the facial industry. Especially for special occasions, men and women look to improve skin features.

The beauty industry will continue to see innovation and growth as people seek to look their best for both their business and personal lives.