Andres Carrasco’s Findings: “Soy Today, Hunger Tomorrow”

Genetically modified crops have always been a source of heated debate. Many people and organizations are actively trying to ban these crops from being grown. You, too, may have some strong views on it. Studies have revealed that there IS something wrong with GMO (genetically modified organism) crops. A major study has revealed the herbicide used for it should be a major cause of concern. This research, led and published by Prof. Andres Carrasco in August 2010, was one of the first to show that chemicals being used in herbicides are endangering human and animal lives. Carrasco, known for his rallying cry “Soy today, hunger tomorrow” sought to expose Big-Agro’s dirty secrets.

Roundup: The Source of the Problem

Roundup, produced by the Monsanto Corporation, is one of the most widely used herbicides. Unfortunately, this chemical has to be used in conjunction with specially created GMO seeds that are resistant to its effect. The Monsanto Corporation is responsible for the creation of these seeds as well. It seems that the organization is trying to make a monopoly in the agricultural industry. Unfortunately, the facts are more serious than simple corporate monopoly tactics.

These GMO seeds are primarily used for soy cultivation, but other crops are common. The problem is that these crops are only resistant to Roundup. all the other plants in the field will die when sprayed with this chemical. This has resulted in the creation of super weeds that have become resistant to this herbicide which is a biological disaster. However, this scenario pales in comparison to the damage being wrought by the chemicals on human life.

The Findings of Prof. Andres Carrasco

Professor Andrés Carrasco, the head of the Laboratory of Molecular Embryology, University of Buenos Aires Medical School, led an international scientific team to research the effects of Roundup. The research suggests the Monsanto Corporation and, in fact, the entire agribusiness industry has been lying about the safety of the Roundup with relation to GMO crops. That is alarming to say the least, as the implications for human health are significant. The amounts of Roundup required to cause birth defects is actually lower than the amounts currently being sprayed in agriculture. The major component of Roundup, Glyphosate has been identified as one of the most toxic substances being employed in agriculture.

The Effect on Humans and Government Response

Prof. Andres Carrasco and his team of researchers have performed experiments on Glyphosate. The results show that this chemical can cause malformations in the embryos of chickens and frogs. The group has also noticed correlations between the high birth defects rates in Argentina’s rural areas and Glyphosate. As the Abelson Law Firm states, “Birth injuries can result in disabilities that have lifelong consequences for the child and the child’s parents.” Roundup resistant GMO soybeans are grown in large numbers in many areas and airplanes are used to spray the herbicide regularly, regardless of whether there are pregnant women nearby to inhale its harmful effects.

Carrasco clearly concluded that Roundup can cause malformations in embryos during pregnancy. Unfortunately, the US or other governments have taken no steps to counteract the usage of Roundup and related GMO seeds. The US government instead chooses to rely on the findings by the agribusiness industry to determine the safety of the products. The research by Prof. Carrasco only confirms what doctors and other scientists have been talking about for years. Unfortunately, steps have yet to be implemented that can prevent further effects on human beings.

Cover image of GMO corn: DepositPhotos