Party All Night: Living on Campus in a Culture of Binge Drinking

As a society we often consider college life a rite of passage. Young adults go off to college and learn to be independent. Sure, we think our kids are now adults and that they can handle themselves, after all isn’t that what college is about? But over the years there has been an aspect of college life that has been overlooked. A startling number of college students are taking part in binge drinking. Many write it off as a college experience and that it’s all in good fun, but we must take note of how it affects health in years to come and in their lives now. College binge drinking has fostered a culture of alcoholism and addiction.

Party All Night Living on Campus in a Culture of Binge Drinking


Facts About Drinking and College Students 
To put college drinking into perspective, the National Institute on Alcohol and Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) states that four in five students drink alcohol during college. Half of those students who drink practice so called binge drinking, which is the excessive consumption of alcohol in a short period of time.
The effects of alcohol on a person are various and a college student is no exception. For example, 599,000 college students sustained significant injuries while under the influence of alcohol and 1,825 students aged 18-24 died from alcohol related incidents. Drinking heavily at social events may include the use of harder drugs and in the most extreme cases lead to depression and suicide. [1]

Collateral Damage of Drinking

When talking about alcohol and college drinking we often focus on the person who may be drinking excessively. However, alcohol has more a much wider reach than one person facing a drinking problem. Alcohol in college campuses can have many related and negative effects in school life. These direct and indirect consequences may include academic difficulties, assaulting other students, sexual abuse, and having unprotected sex, just to name a few. Time and time again we see a close link between alcohol and reckless behavior.

The damage that comes with drinking can lead to all kinds of problems. Drunk driving and addiction just being a few. The Rosengren Kohlmeyer, Law Offices Chtd. say many of the DUI cases they handle are college students and young adults. The social pressures that lead to binge drinking is what is most concerning. The emphasis on having a college experience has made it difficult for students to hold out under peer pressure [2].

In short, drinking alcohol is not a problem if done responsibly. Studies have been conducted that conclude that people who control their alcohol intake and avoid binge drinking have a much lower index of alcoholism. Responsible drinking is something that should be stressed in college campuses to avoid significant disruptions in student life, the university and the community as a whole [3].