Higher Education Today: Is it Worth the Cost and Time for Millennials?

Higher Education Today Is it Worth the Cost and Time for Millenials

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In the past, there was no doubt about which road to take when it came to having the best opportunities for a promising future. College was dangled in front of the youth of America like a golden ticket to make their career dreams come true. Today, a higher education has lost its luster due to a struggling economy and an extremely competitive job market. Many college graduates are coming home with a mountain of loans to live in their parents’ basements. The question remains: is college worth the cost and the time for students of this millennium? A Catch-22 Times are tough in the American job market. The demand for many positions has dropped, while the need for gainful employment continues to grow. The cost of living and the expenses involved in pursuing an advanced degree are a barrier for many prospective students. Graduating seniors and adults see the need for a college education in order to provide themselves with more prospects. However, the length of time that must be invested in studies and the price may be too high for so many who are struggling to make ends meet. Students Need to Think Outside the Box In the end, there is no debate that a higher education gives students an edge when in pursuit of a job. Their best bet is to be calculating and use some savvy when pursuing a degree. They need to look beyond their area of interest and choose a field where job placement is most likely. Healthcare, information technology, business, and a master’s degree in law name only a few areas that are still in demand. If students are likely to be placed in a rewarding position, they will see returns on their investment into college. It can hurt students when they focus their degrees too narrowly in this competitive job market.

Choices for Enrollment Modern day students have more choices than ever before when considering enrollment into a program for an advanced degree. They can earn college credits while in high school, go the community college route, choose a four-year campus, or pursue online studies. Colleges are competitive and many are offering incentives to attract students. In addition to being choosy concerning the price of college, students can also seek many opportunities for grants and scholarships in order to make their studies more affordable. When an individual chooses an institution of learning with a reasonable price tag and a field of study that will give them a job, it will be worthwhile. The Millennial generation coming into colleges today will have to think strategically when looking at finances, costs of living, and future jobs. Everything hinges on how their education grooms them for careers and if their field of study is too competitive a market to find a job. The cost is rising every year for students and hopefully change will come to enable them to meet their expectations in careers as well as school.