5 Ways to Market Yourself on the Internet

In today’s world, it’s not enough to have a strong resume and cover letters on paper ready to hand to potential employers. Thanks to the advantages of the Internet, you can market yourself vastly improving your career opportunities while making it easier for employers to find and hire you based on evident talent. Examples such as Charles Phillips’ profile are essentially online resumes that can be accessed by virtually anyone at any time.

Professional Sites

There are a number of websites dedicated to promoting professionals of all kinds. These sites are often similar to a digital resume allowing you to add virtually anything you can think of regarding your expertise. Some may also incorporate social media connections to help you build a web of marketing for yourself.

Social Media Interaction

social media

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Although many people will post comments on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can also use these to help develop your professional contacts. However, you may want to separate your private life from your professional one by making individual accounts. Employers don’t need to sift through mounds of posts regarding family members or your favorite animal memes.


Involving yourself with various online groups can help you develop marketing for your talents. These groups are often included in social media sites, but some exist on their own as a way for professionals to interact with each other. Think of it as like belonging to an exclusive club that has potential to network you with people that can boost your career choices.

Freelance Work

Many professional fields have opportunities online for freelance work. This not only gives you a chance to make a bit of money on the side, but it can put you in touch with employers who might wind up hiring you full time. Otherwise, you can simply add your freelance experiences onto your resume making you even more desirable than before.


Blogging about your specific field of expertise not only gives you a platform in which to share information with others, but it can also help employers realize your experience. While a resume can provide information about your past work and education, a blog can give others a sense of who you are and how well you know the material. You could go so far as to add your own resume to the blog as a page.

More and more business owners are taking to the Internet to find talented individuals for their companies. Having a strong method to promote yourself can be beneficial even if you currently have a job. Market yourself online and increase your chances for finding opportunities which may not be available in your immediate location.