Are Online Sales Overtaking Your Retail Revenue?

Online sales are increasing as people’s lives continue to become more hectic and busy. Shoppers are less inclined to take the time to visit a retail store if they can get those same items online. The time it takes to drive to your store, look for the items they want, and wait in line to purchase them often isn’t a worthwhile for today’s busy consumer. While it may seem like a good thing when your online sales take off, when customers come into a store, they are much more likely to spend more and become a loyal supporter.

Are Online Sales Overtaking Your Retail Revenue

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Make it Worthwhile
If customers aren’t coming into your store but are buying online, it means that they don’t see a need to make an in-person visit. Offer in-store incentives that they can’t get from shopping online alone. If you make your store more attractive to shop at, convent to get to, and a unique experience for shoppers, you’ll be able to increase the likelihood that customers continue to come in. For example, many larger stores offer on-site restaurants and coffee shops to make it more likely a customer will shop in-store. Offer seating areas, create a fun experience, and find ways to make a visit to your store more inviting. Advertise the benefits of an in-store visit on your website as well.

Create Retail Value
Customers are more likely to visit your store when there is a readily apparent reason to do so. Start a membership program that can only be used in-store. If your building is located in a heavy tourist area, put out a sign that invites travelers to come inside and take a rest. Remember that if you cater to tourists, many of them may come from areas where everything costs money. For example, some restaurants and cafes in Japan have a one-purchase, one-seat rule and won’t allow non-buying customers to sit with their friends, even if their friends purchase something. Give in-store visitors free gifts, or offer a loyalty program that is only good for in-store customers only.

Kohl’s and other large companies have struck a good balance between online and retail marketing. Kohl’s offers coupons that are only good in-store, but customers can also use coupon codes they get online at and in the retail stores. Consider giving incentives to your online customers that make a trip to the store worthwhile, but remember money is not the only thing bringing a customer into the store. Free gifts, a good atmosphere, and an easy checkout experience can go a long way toward making your business more appealing for your consumers.