Those Pesky Unions!

There are few things that drive top-hatted monopoly men more crazy than a skinny unioner with their demand to enter the middle class, excel at their job, and get paid a fair wage like some greedy fox stealing rabbits out of your own personal hen house.In case you haven’t guessed yet, I am adamantly pro-union. There are some silly things that have demanded, and there are some silly things that are now law, like 15 dollars an hour for fast-food workers. There ought always be unions; there is no excuse, no reason, and no logic when busting unions. It is the least democratic thing one can do. I am writing this to spew toxic lizard sludge all over any anti-union speeches and melt them into a pile of bubbling acid. I’m angry, and you should be too.

Employees Demand to be at Least as Valuable as a Good Suit

These unions keep demanding silly stuff, like training! Even time to perfect their skills on company time utilizing free training, like taking free online Excel courses, or MMOC’s. This sort of training not only helps employees succeed at their work, and become better employees, but it also results in short-term losses in time-cost. These short-term losses are seen as major time wasters in any struggling or competitive company, but gives an edge for tomorrow, not only for the company, but for the employee. Even if that employee leaves the company, they are probably going to be happier during their time there, a valuable non-calculable asset which reduces employee theft and increases productivity.

This is one of the demands by unions that is often seen as extravagant (or excessive) due to the loss in the short-term. It is a benefit for the employee today and the company tomorrow. If a company refuses to do it, then it is saying that there is no tomorrow for their partnership, and if the employee can find another job, then they ought. Employees demand care and upkeep in order to remain valuable to a company.

Do not have the Right

For many company owners there is a fundamental anger in the idea that workers have the right to collectively bargain for what they want in their career. Workers without money, who may not have an idea what the bigger image holds, or why things are done a certain way. Owners see it as their burden to be careful with their employees, but when unions try to gather,and collectively bargain, those owners see it like naughty children trying to grub their fingers into something they don’t understand.

Even Donald Trump, the current forerunner for the Republican nomination practices union-busting in his own hotel, although in many of his speeches he tries to connect with common blue collar workers. By claiming his get-up and go the same as theirs, and by focusing on job creation, rather than quality job creation, he has worded his way out of directly claiming anti-union affiliations.

Who is the Worst?

Union 'Thug' - maligning teachers

Image by Norman Rockwell, “Teachers’ Birthday” overplayed with “Union Thug” by Joy Branscomb

The most inflammatory candidate currently running for president, and hopefully, the one who will drop out soonest, is Scott Walker (R) from the great state of Wisconsin, who claimed that if hecould break up the 100,000 worker strong union in his state, then he could destroy ISIS overseas. That claim might be true. Union workers are tough people gathering together to bargain for their rights, and if Mr. Walker silenced all 100,000 of them, then that is a morbid feat that would qualify him for warfare. Bragging over this aberrant accomplishment is where it becomes unfortunate. By bragging about his deed not only does Mr. Walker lose union votes, but he also quarantines himself from a portion of people who believe in the right of people to gather peaceably and bargain for their rights. In America, that’s kind of a big deal.

Unions are workers gathering to collectively bargain for their rights. It may not always workout; sometimes unions get beaten, sometimes the union is not very good, or things might go wrong. It still means that unions have the right to exist, and have the right to collectively bargain. It’s the most American dream. A few candidates are scary for the future, so if you want a job, a good job, or a future in America, vote for unions, vote for America.


M. Wilson- Not BlurryMary Grace landed in the beautiful Boise, Idaho after a year living in the forest. She adores hiking, skiing, and fighting for the rights of the proletariat. Tweet her @marmygrace, or email her directly at if you have any questions or concerns.