Learning the Background Story of International Telecommunication Companies

Many people around the world take mobile technology for granted. It is nothing for them to make a phone call on their cell phone or connect their mobile device to wireless Internet. However, in some parts of the world like Afghanistan, mobile technology is a new and much appreciated innovation that helps make people’s daily lives easier and more convenient. The background story of companies like Afghan Wireless tohfa demonstrate to people around the world why it can be difficult to establish such technology in certain parts of the world. You can read about corporate and technological growth in Afghanistan for yourself by conducting research online on social media networks like LinkedIn.com.


Image: iStockPhoto

Social media has proven to be a valuable resource for companies that want to get their stories out to the public. While the background history of a company can nearly always be found on its website, many people do not take the time to read about it while visiting the company’s page. When they follow a company on social media, however, people are more likely to read the finer details about the company’s beginning. As you may find out for yourself, the background story can highlight the resolve and resiliency of its leaders and its employees.

A company must be resilient to overcome obstacles presented by the geography of the country in which it is located, for example. Establishing a wireless company in a country that has expansive mountain ranges can be difficult. It can take a considerable amount of time to get all of the towers set up and implement the technology that is needed to establish a successful company. The fact that the company’s leaders figured out how to overcome these obstacles can be enough for people to appreciate the company’s very existence.

The online profile for the business likewise can explain to you and other followers how difficult it can be to set up a company in a place that has been ravaged by war. The company’s leaders had to negotiate with political and military forces in order to push forward with their professional agenda. You may find inspiration in the company’s ability to overcome such obstacles to become one of the area’s most successful enterprises in Afghanistan.

Along with learning more about how enterprises in the country got started, you can also use the social media website to find out more about people who find working there to be rewarding. Information about such workers may be listed on the right side of a business’ social media page. Other pertinent facts about the business also can be found through the social networking site. For example, if you want to know how many people work there, you can find that number on the page. You also can discover the business’ website address and physical contact details like its address and phone number.

Social media proves to be an interesting venue through which companies can share finer details about themselves. These stories illustrate challenges that businesses may have overcome, as well as what promises could lie in wait for people who work for or invest in it in the future.