5 Expenses Businesses Can Save By Going Paperless

Going paperless in a business can save on a variety of expenses. As humanity continues through the 21st century, there are many technologies that improve efficiency while reducing the operational costs of an organization. While some of the costs can be quite obvious, there are some that are not often considered.

Paper and Ink

Image from http://blog.shoeboxed.com

Image from http://blog.shoeboxed.com

The most obvious savings to any business through a digital system is that of paper and ink. Depending on the size of the company, this could save hundreds of dollars per year. How often does your company print memos on a regular basis to be handed out in the office? In many organizations, these sheets are read once and then tossed in the trash.

Printer Repairs and Maintenance

In an organization that heavily relies on printed documents, wear and tear can quickly break down a printer or copier. By going digital, the company could save on replacement costs as well as repairs and maintenance for these devices. Larger and more elaborate units may require a great deal of money spent in service calls from a technician.


Time Management

Digital time clocks can replace the old hand-written time sheets while making sure employees are paid for the correct time. From computerized clocking methods to biometric scanning, clocking in and out could be streamlined for accuracy as well as reducing paper waste. Time management companies such as Allied Time have many products that can fit nearly any business platform. This could save on printing supplies while promoting a more accurate paycheck to employees.

Time in Productivity

In a digital environment, documents and forms can be quickly found through a search of a database. This could reduce the time it takes personnel to dig through filing cabinets or desks while looking for specific information. The less time an employee spends looking for something, the more time he or she can spend on their actual jobs.

Errors and Fixes

Errors can cause a great deal of problems depending on the circumstance. Misprinted documents or incorrect information can cost the company money in reprinting as well as time efficiency. On a digital platform, data can simply be changed without using materials or resources.

The digital age allows people and business to become far more efficient through advanced technology. By moving to an electronic platform for the majority of the business, a lot of money can be saved in office supplies and other employee expenses. Investing in technology allows employees to work smarter, not harder.