What Are The Health Benefits Of E-Cigarettes?

What are the Health Benefits of E-Cigarettes

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Many smokers today are switching to e-cigarettes. One of the top reasons being their ability to help benefit people’s health. As more of us are aware of the dangers associated with smoking, quitting is a journey many are taking. Substitutes like e-cigarettes can be helpful in making this transition. Below is a list of some of the ways your health can potentially benefit if you switch to e-cigarettes on the road to quitting.

Improved Sleep

Traditional cigarettes can rob you of a good night’s rest. Studies have shown that smokers not only have a harder time falling asleep, but also have trouble staying asleep. If you smoke a cigarette right before going to bed, you are at an even greater risk for having sleeping problems.

Smoking can also increase your risk of developing a dangerous sleep disorder called sleep apnea. Studies have shown that smokers are two to five times more likely to develop this condition. On the other hand, people who smoke e-cigarettes usually notice an improvement in their sleep quality and quantity.

Improved Sense of Smell and Taste
People who smoke traditional cigarettes typically have a harder time enjoying their meals. Cigarettes produce toxic fumes that are damaging to the senses. E-cigarettes do not produce these fumes that cause damage to the senses which is why people often notice an improvement in their sense of smell and taste after they switch to e-cigarettes.

Reduced Coughing
Many smokers suffer from a chronic, hacking cough. This is often referred to as a smoker’s cough. Your airways have tiny, hair-like structures known as cilia in them, which work to trap toxins and move them up towards the mouth so they can be expelled. People who smoke e-cigarettes may develop a cough the first few times they smoke. However, it will likely diminish in frequency over time.

Increased Energy
Traditional cigarettes deplete the body of oxygen which is why many smokers suffer from chronic fatigue. Smoking also causes the heart and lung to work harder. People who smoke cigarettes often have trouble completing simple activities, such as climbing a flight of stairs, or walking around their office building. E-cigarettes do not deplete the body of oxygen and do not interfere with circulation. That is why many people who smoke e-cigarettes notice an increase in energy.

E-cigarettes are a great option for those who want to give up traditional cigarettes. They can help increase energy, improve your sense of smell and taste, improve sleep and reduce coughing. Save money by taking advantage of halo cigs promo codes online and you can put some padding back in your wallet as well!