What’s Being Done to Help Prevent School Shootings Today?

What's Being Done to Help Prevent School Shootings Today

Image: Pixabay

School shootings have gone on ever since the 18th century but in recent years have become more common. Ever since the 1999 shooting at Columbine High, people have been trying to come up with ways to deter school shootings and keep students safe. Below is a list of things being done now to decrease and prevent fatalities and injuries in the event a shooting does take place.

Metal Detectors In Schools
More school officials are using metal detectors. Not only can metal detectors tell whether someone has a gun, but they can also detect a knife, bomb, or other dangerous object. Metal detectors can be either handheld or stationary, and students are required to walk through them before entering campus.

While metal detectors can help deter violence in school, they are controversial. Many people believe that metal detectors in school will encourage people to find other ways to sneak a gun into the school. Additionally, metal detectors can be costly, which is why many schools do not want to use them.

Implement Bully Prevention Programs
Studies have shown that students who are victims of bullying are more likely to bring a gun to school. In fact, 75 percent of school shooters were bullied. 61 percent of bullied students stated that they brought a gun to school to hurt or kill the people who were bullying them. This is why bully prevention programs have been implemented in schools across the country. Many schools also have conflict resolution programs which teach students how to amicably settle disagreements before they escalate into violent situations.

Police Officer on Site
Many schools today have police officers to help assist on campus. The officers regularly patrol the area and make sure students stay safe. Having an officer on site has been shown to be effective for curbing school violence, and has also been shown to help reduce incidences of non-violent crimes like vandalism from occurring on school campuses.

Training Teachers
Teachers are often the first to see a violent situation which is why more schools are training teachers on how to deal with violence in the classroom. They are also taught how to identify students who are at an increased risk for committing a violent act. On some campuses, teachers and professors are encouraged to be certified in emergency procedures like CPR trainings. Some are even choosing to get more education with something like an emergency management degree online.

School shootings are a cause for concern. Fortunately, there are measures being taken in order to prevent school violence. Metal detectors, police officers, and bully prevention programs can all help to deter school shootings. Even more helpful is having parents and students involved in the process and addressing problems as they arise.