Night Night Project and Loving Healing Press Work Together to Comfort Homeless Children


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Loving Healing Press is happy to announce a donation of three different uplifting children’s book titles to a charity program that helps around 25 thousand children a year across United States.

“Helping homeless children have sweeter dreams” is the slogan of Project Night Night, a children’s charity based out of San Francisco, CA. Founded in 2005 by Kendra Stitt Robins, the program works toward providing nighttime comfort for homeless children through special Night Night packages. Serving homeless children ranging in age from infants to preteen, each Night Night package will contain a new security blanket, an age-appropriate children’s book, and a stuffed animal.

The next batch of these packages include an assortment of 60 special books for children as comfort items. Published by the Loving Healing Press (LHP) of Ann Arbor, MI, these books include:

  • Billy Had to Move: A Foster Care Story by Theresa Ann Fraser
  • Teddy Bear Princess: A Story about Sharing and Caring by by Jewel Kats
  • Please Explain “Anxiety” To Me! Simple Biology and Solutions for Children and Parents, 2nd Edition by Laurie E. Zelinger, PhD

How these three books particularly pass for comfort items is explained by publisher Victor Volkman of the Loving Healing Press. As he tells, this was an easy choice for him to make, even though his press has dozens of children’s books in publication.

First, Billy Had to Move: A Foster Care Story is a subject that every child in Night Night will have some experience of either in their own family or those of friends or relatives. Removing the fear and anxiety from a Foster Care experience is of prime importance. Second, Please Explain “Anxiety” to Me is chock full of psycho-education on how to cope with anxiety and worry with practical exercises that children of all ages can practice and master. Last, Jewel Kats’ Teddy Bear Princess is a wonderful escapist fantasy to a world where love and sharing carry the day; every child should visit that world.”

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