4 Best Degrees to Serve Your Country and Community

While every hard-working person with gainful employment makes an impact on the nation, some professions and positions make markedly more of an impact. These are the positions that influence medicine, science, law and the government itself.

Let’s take a look at the four most influential degrees that you can obtain. These degrees will help your community and your country as a whole.

4 Best Degrees to Serve Your Country and Community

Image: Wikimedia Commons CCO

1. Master of Medicine

Doctors are some of the most influential individuals. They help the sick, and prevent others from becoming sick.

Their focus may be at a community level, such as with a local clinic or hospital, or at a world-wide level with cutting-edge research. Calculations show that the average doctor adds about 7 years of quality life to the average patient’s life.

A master’s degree in medicine will help you make an impact on the lives of people both near and far. It will enable you to treat patients, work with preventative medicine, and research new treatments.

2. Master of Engineering

Engineering is another field where your actions will have reaching impacts upon your local community and at a country level.

To understand the impact of engineering, you must understand that it involves both individual buildings and building codes. The former keeps people safe, and the latter keeps everyone safe on a grander scale.

By studying for a master’s degree in engineering, you can be instrumental in improving the lives of people in your community and those around the country.

3. Master of Laws

Law dictates how many parts of the government run, which includes everything from the city levels to the regional levels of government. It decides how criminal and civil cases go, which in turn sets precedents for new laws while safeguarding the rights of the individual.

A master of laws degree can help you make an impact on how the laws are made, and how they are carried out. You can safeguard the rights of citizens or large corporations, which in turn allows you to have as big or as little of an influence as you desire.

4. Master of Public Administration

Public administration is an oft overlooked part of governments. It helps to ensure that the political machine runs smoothly, and focuses on ensuring that the many views of any given municipality are accounted for.

As someone with a Master’s in Public Administration (MPA), you may work with businesses to facilitate the development of homes and employment opportunities for other individuals. You will be a vital influence in determining how your local community is shaped.

The best part is that programs online can make it possible for you to obtain your MPA. These online courses offer flexible opportunities for you to better yourself, which in turn can enable you to positively affect your local community and your country.

The First Step to Change is Education

Intellectual betterment is often the first step to changing anything for the better. An education will allow you to perform many of the vital tasks needed to improve your community at local and national levels.

When you work to attain these degrees, you are bettering yourself and your ability to serve your country and community. These improvements will serve you and the people around you.


Author: Anica Oaks