4 Professional Paths You Can Take with a Degree in Military History

There are a number of different careers a person with a degree in military history might pursue. Many people might think first of teaching, but below are four other potential career fields. Prospective students can learn more about military history and jobs in the profession from the Society for Military History.

Military Analyst

The CIA hires people who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in American history or military history. They may prefer people who have specialized in a single region. Military analysts gather information about a military and present their findings. A military analyst may work with Congress to draft legislation or may brief military commanders. They may also work with classified operations to plan strategies.

Military History Unit Member and Command Historians


Image: Pixabay.com

People who want to combine their passion for military service might look for positions like these. In the military, there are units called military history detachments that serve with infantry and other divisions. Their job is to gather information including interviews with personnel, military actions in progress, maps, photos, decorations and other information. This information is then preserved by the U.S. Army Center for Military History. Military historians with graduate degrees might be recruited to work with special forces and have top secret clearances.

Museum Archivist

A military historian may work in a general or specialized museum. Their work may include research, putting together exhibits and traveling to examine and authenticate items. Over the next few years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs for archivists will continue to grow.

Writer or Journalist

Military historians might turn their skills to reporting on and writing about conflicts currently in progress or to writing popular nonfiction. Stephen Ambrose and the late Shelby Foote are examples of prominent military historians who are writers. There might also be opportunities for military historians with strong writing skills to ghostwrite for former military personnel who are writing their memoirs or other works.

Jobs in the field of military history require a passion for research and writing and good communication skills. A person who has a bachelor’s degree in military history or a related field might want to pursue a master’s degree to further hone their knowledge and skills. This might include an overview of warfare throughout history and a look at warfare in different regions of the world. With this master’s degree, a person would be placed in an even more competitive position to seek work and excel in the above careers.


Author: Annie Oaks