4 Ways Education Improves the Standard of Living

It’s not uncommon to hear success stories from businessmen that never took so much as a step into a college lecture hall. Is a college education still worth what it used to be? With the varying ways to obtain an education in our digital age, it’s easy to fail to see the benefits that come from shelling out a couple grand a year for college enrollment. Here are a few reasons you should consider making education a priority in your life.
1. College Graduates Earn & Save More Money

4 Ways Education Improves the Standard of Living

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On average, college graduates earn around $17,000 more annually than those without. This figure is significant because minimum wage workers are lucky to even break $17,000 annually. Not only will higher education lead to higher earnings but most employers that require degrees also provide benefits that aren’t typically available at entry-level, lower-wage jobs (i.e. healthcare, 401k, and severance packages). Company cars and credit cards are rarely offered to restaurant staff. It is also less likely for a college graduate to become unemployed since they are more sought after in job markets. Unemployment rates for high school graduates is at 12% while those with a bachelors degree is only at 3%.

2. College Graduates Have More Career Options

Regardless of the field, degrees open up a lot of lucrative benefits. Government jobs such as border patrol officer, office clerk, and even park rangers earn higher wages than those without higher education, often earning nearly double. There are many jobs that will not even consider an application without a minimum of a bachelors degree. By working in an industry that you love, going to work becomes painless, maybe even enjoyable!

3. College is a Fun Networking Opportunity

Whether going to a physical campus or completing online programs, college can be a fun experience. You will inevitably meet other students with similar interest that may become an invaluable asset when you make the big dive into the job pool. There is also a sense of accomplishment and purpose while taking classes that is hard to find in low-wage jobs. While it will be stressful and challenging at times, there is a lot of fun to be had with classmates and at school sponsored events that would otherwise be inaccessible.

4. College Graduates Work Less Hours (For More Pay!)

This reason is especially beneficial to parents. Many families in the U.S. have 2 or 3 jobs between 1 or 2 parents to sustain their lifestyles. According to Chron.com, the average pay of someone with a Masters in education earns between $60-65k annually, are off on all federal holidays, and don’t work during the summer. Compare those earnings and work schedule to working 3 full-time jobs! Some degree programs such as graphic design, photography, and journalism even offer the opportunity to work from home or remotely.

So whether you want to have more career options, make more money, work less for it, build your network, enjoy more benefits, or all of the above, college is the best place to start! Improve your lifestyle by seeking to further your education. With online classes offered by most schools, earning an education has never been so accessible!


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