Top 4 Degrees to Help You Build a Career in Politics and Government

Building a career in politics and government can be a very noble aim. Our country needs knowledgeable, skilled people who are willing to compromise and have the best interests of the nation and the people at heart. Here are the top four degrees to prepare you for the life of a public servant.

Perhaps an obvious answer, but a political science degree continues to be a great choice for students wanting to be involved in government. Topics that will be covered include political theory, international relations, history and American government. With a political science degree, you could run for office, work in the public sector, work at a non-profit or labor as a lobbyist. This is a good choice for governing on any level of politics, and there’s even a professional organization dedicated to the discipline.

2. Public Administration

MPA programs teach you the nuts and bolts of running a government. It’s similar to a degree in business administration but focuses on the public rather than the private sector. It’s an interdisciplinary degree because politicians must have knowledge on a number of subjects to really be successful—everything from management skills to economics and accounting, to law and emergency management concerns. There are many quality public administration programs, including online versions that allow for maximum flexibility.

3. International Relations
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International relations majors learn about past and present relations between countries. This is a great choice for going into national politics, international politics, to work for the UN or to be an ambassador. Students will learn about the ever-shifting nature of politics, culture and economics on a global scale. Like political science majors, communication and writing skills are honed with this major as well.

4. Economics

A solid understanding of economics is crucial for government officials because politicians must manage budgets for their administrative districts and understand past and present economical trends in order to make the best decisions. There are even programs offered that actually specialize in political economics to better focus your education on the relationship between economics and government.

It can certainly be very noble to become a public servant and create a career in government or politics. Plus, the fact that “political insiders” are not as well-liked by the voting public now means there’s plenty of opportunity for you to get involved. Many other degrees can be useful in a political career as well, like communications, law or history, but the choices listed here are the top four to give you the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed.


Author: Anica Oaks

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