Why a STEM Degree is the Best Choice for Undecided High School Leavers

Leaving high school and deciding on a college major can be a very challenging time if you don’t have a career in mind yet that you want to follow. If you are certain that you want to do a degree that will make you employable, but is also versatile enough to allow you to choose your field or specialism later on, then there are a few paths you can go down, for instance studying business. However, if you have an interest in technology, then an even better choice could well be to get into a STEM field, by doing a degree in something like computer science.

There are a few reasons why STEM – especially technology related fields – is well worth pursuing after high school. Here are just some of them:

It is an Exciting Area

While you can study lots of things that simply are what they are, like languages, law or history, with technology, you are not only trying to understand what we have and know already, but also to innovate and move forward. The technology that exists when you graduate will be better than the technology that exists now, and you will understand why and how it evolved, or even have been a part of that process. This makes it an interesting field to study and work in.

Studying is Versatile

Another great thing about computer science related STEM degrees is that because, unlike other sciences, you don’t generally need labs or other resources, you can study at home. You can even do a complete computer information systems degree over the internet, and then even move on to do a master of science in computer information systems online later on, allowing you to get your degree and even masters online if you don’t want to relocate or get into lots of student debt.

It Is a Gateway to Lots of Fields

With an information systems degree, you won’t need to decide early on what you want to work on when you graduate, but will have the skills needed to pursue a field that takes your interest later – making it a great choice if you are undecided at the moment. Whether you like the idea of working in mobile apps, video games, scientific research and analysis, business systems, or just about any other niche where custom systems are used, this kind of degree can take you there.

It Is in Demand the World Over

Computer science skills are needed by just about every business, and in every industry. This means that provided you have access to a moderately large city, you can find relevant work in all different parts of the world. If you’d like to move around a lot with your career, IT can give you the chance to do that.

Of course, jobs for people in IT are also fairly well paid, so if you are not sure what a good thing to study would be, tech is a pretty safe bet to choose!