Myths About the Affordable Care Act Debunked!

Another session of open enrollment for affordable health insurance is running from November 1, 2016 all the way to January 31, 2017. Under the new open enrollment period, you can enroll and acquire proper healthcare coverage. Election results haven’t changed this.

While there is plenty of information you can read to understand this latest open enrollment period and the available plans, there are still a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding health insurance and the healthcare industry in general. We are going to debunk some of those myths in this article.

Affordable Care Lowers Healthcare Quality

One of the most commonly heard myths about the affordable care plans is that they lower the overall quality of healthcare services. This is actually not true, yet it still affects a lot of users across the nation. The healthcare industry is one of the most regulated industries today and attention to quality and the effectiveness of treatment and services is at its highest.

Affordable Care Act

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The NCQA is taking active steps towards accrediting healthcare service providers and making sure these service providers are operating properly. There is a State of Health Care Quality report released every year and patients as well as healthcare institutions can review the report to understand the industry thoroughly. The HEDIS Domains of Care standard is also still in place for the same reason.

Affordable Care Will Cost You More

The next misconception surrounding the Affordable Care Act is that the new plans will cost you more than ever. While some of the latest plans are more expensive – and we’re facing the possibility of a price increase in the coming year – there are reasons why these plans are still among the best, most affordable options on the market.

First, we need to understand the cause of the price increase. The Affordable Care Act is designed in a way that allows those with less need for healthcare services to subsidize people with intensive healthcare needs. In reality, however, a lot of people still choose to live without a health insurance, even when there are affordable plans to choose from.

The healthcare industry is also taking active steps towards making their services more affordable. Ways to reduce overhead costs and the costs of services are being implemented and new systems such as EMR and better reporting are shaping the industry into a more efficient one.

You’re Stuck with the Health Insurance Marketplace

One last misconception to understand and debunk is the claim that you have to use the Health Insurance Marketplace. This is entirely not true. If you already have an active health insurance policy in place and you’re comfortable with the plan, then you can choose to keep your existing plan without a problem.

The only thing to check is whether the existing insurance plan complies with the new ACA regulations. Government-based insurance such as Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP provides the same level of coverage, which means there is no need to use the Health Insurance Marketplace to acquire a new health plan or coverage.

If you are not already part of a health insurance plan, however, now is the perfect time to sign up. There are plenty of affordable options with good coverage. All you have to do is find one that suits your personal requirements the best.