3 Ways A Nursing Degree Helps Your Healthcare Career

The first year of a nursing career is an exciting and overwhelming experience. Nursing is a rewarding career, but requires a great deal of dedication and time. A degree in nursing can also take you many different places with your career path. Below are three ways nursing can expand your skillset and make you more marketable.

Marketable Skillset

No matter what your skillset or education level is, a nursing degree opens the door to the healthcare world substantially. You can choose to be a nurse at a hospital, an in-home nurse, or even go more of a home hospice route. No matter which healthcare field you choose, a nursing degree will increase your skillset and make you more marketable as a healthcare professional.

Job Satisfaction

You may have gotten your start in healthcare as a CNA, but you have now expanded your career and are looking towards the future. A nursing degree brings with it job satisfaction as you are able to increase your knowledge and skillset, and help your patients more-whether that be in a hospital or in their home. A degree in nursing applies to those interested in a full-time nursing career, or those interested in home hospice and home healthcare as well. This new skillset will make you more useful for your employer or agency, which in turn will mean that you have increased job security, pay, and value.

Continue Your Education

Portrait of smiling young female graduate

Portrait of smiling young female graduate / CCO

It’s never too early for healthcare professionals to continue their education. If you’re interested in nursing, you may have several options to advance in your career. Common specialty areas for nursing include management, research, and education. Medical professionals can expect to earn a competitive salary, but an advanced nursing degree is often required. Oftentimes you need to have certain pre-requisites met before you get accepted to continue your medical education. You can brush up on your knowledge by completing a MCAT test prep online.

One option is a nursing informatics degree, which is an excellent way to prepare for a medical career in a variety of areas. Professionals interested in conducting research or improving medial programs will need advanced training in their field. Advanced nursing degrees are also beneficial for medical professionals in a government or senior leadership role.

The healthcare profession is advanced and wide, and it takes many different individuals filling different roles for it to work. Whether you work as a CNA, nurse, doctor, or even in home-hospice, you can always advance your education and skillset. A degree in nursing applies to various different segments of the healthcare world, and above we discussed three ways it can help your healthcare career.


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