What Do You Think Would Fix Global Healthcare? Here Is One Suggestion

There is no question about the fact that healthcare is broken in the United States and really has been for many years. It was largely on the issue of unaffordable healthcare that Obama won the presidency in 2008, and it is still largely due to an unaffordable and broken healthcare system that led Donald J. Trump to victory in 2016.

However, the ‘crisis’ in healthcare is not only eight years old because it was a system already in crisis way back in the last decade. Healthcare problems aren’t unique to the United States, either. It is a global concern that needs to be dealt with. Here is one suggestion that may not ‘fix’ it, but it sure could remedy what ails it!

What Exactly Is the Problem Here?

Before you can fix something you need to diagnose it. You take your car to the shop and they run a ton of diagnostics on it to tell you the radiator is leaking. You don’t say! You mean that pool of green slime under the front bumper isn’t last night’s rain with algae built up in it overnight? This is sort of what is happening with healthcare. What’s broken? Cost! Plain and simple.


Image: Redactie

Someone, somewhere, is getting rich, and it certainly isn’t doctors or nurses. Some surgeons might make a seven or eight figure income, but most are in the six figure bracket. So who’s making the money? If it isn’t doctors and it isn’t being paid to an MSHA salary (masters in science in healthcare administration/hospital administrator), then who is raking in the dough?

Corporate Wealth Doesn’t Spread Easily

There’s your answer in a nutshell. Big corporations make all the money and there is no way to actually rectify that in a for-profit business. Because the corporation wants to keep expanding and growing and gaining in assets, the money needs to make it all the way past the top and into the company coffers.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with getting an MSHA degree and making a good income. Those ‘good incomes’ aren’t breaking the system. Corporate wealth is growing and the sad thing is, it doesn’t spread easily.

The Simplest Solution to Unaffordable Healthcare

If you look at why healthcare is broken, the one common denominator no matter where you go around the world is cost. Healthcare is simply unaffordable to the average worker. Even health insurance isn’t cheap and often doesn’t cover much at all without a high deductible or copay.

Therefore, if healthcare is unaffordable and the only real entities that are benefiting are large corporate concerns, then it stands to reason that a non-profit organization would be the simplest solution. There is ‘no one’ at the top to collect the excess money. Rather, any profits are put back into the system.

What Would You Conclude?

This money would fund everything from more doctors, nurses and support staff along with updated technology, research and education. Remember, in a non-profit organization everyone working gets paid a fair wage as compared to competitive national/international averages, but any excess is fed back into the system to keep it energized and healthy.

Lest this be misconstrued as a socialist approach, the difference is in how each organization is operated. They can be competitive in pricing and in services, as the government doesn’t standardize anything. However, each facility uses the excess to provide a wider range of and better services to consumers. That alone would go a very long way towards fixing a broken system. What do you think?