It’s Official: Selling and Using Marijuana for Recreational Purposes is Now Legal and Active in Nevada

While the regulation of CBD market in UK is going through some drastic changes as the government is trying to gain control over the regulations guiding non-psychoactive Cannabidiol products, Nevada becomes the fifth state in the United States of America to allow the selling and use of psychoactive marijuana for recreational purposes. It seems that the two governments are going in completely different directions in respect to marijuana. The federal government however, still deems the use of marijuana to be illegal in the US.

Hundreds of People Lined Up for their First Taste of Legal Marijuana

Marijuana - weed!

Image: Wikimedia Commons CCO

Although many started buying weed as early as midnight, by the time it was morning, there were hundreds of people in line at the Source dispensary which is located at a strip mall in Las Vegas. And, that is just one shop that we are talking about. People have been bringing their own chairs and sitting in front of these shops for hours from midnight to the early morning hours, waiting for the shops to open. Similar scenes were seen in front of the Essence Cannabis Dispensary, where hundreds of people waiting in line cheered loudly as the doors to the shop opened finally in the morning.

Senator Tick Segerblom Makes the First Purchase

One of the key men behind the legalization of recreational marijuana is Tick Segerblom and fittingly enough, he was the one to make the first purchase in the state. He was followed closely by Deneal, a Las Vegas resident and bank employee who finds marijuana to be the only thing that can relax her stressed mind and body.

The Regulations

In spite of being completely legal, there are of course, some stipulations still put into place so that the entire process can be regulated and controlled to ensure safety and compliance. The most significant ones are as stated below.

  • The buyer and the user must be at least 21 years old
  • A valid ID must be produced at the time of the purchase
  • The maximum amount one can buy at any one time is 1oz
  • Pot is still illegal in public places, which includes, but is not limited to, nightclubs, concerts, parks, restaurants, bars and convention centers
  • Driving while smoking marijuana continues to be illegal
  • Smoking weed in any public place will entitle the offender to a fine of $600
  • One can only smoke marijuana inside private property which is either self-owned or where it is allowed

The legalization of pot in Nevada and especially in Las Vegas will open the state and the city to a whole new business that is estimated to surpass all other in just a few months. Also, it will most definitely attract more tourists than ever, across America and around the world to Las Vegas. The economic impact of marijuana legalization are going to be tremendous in the state. This will also make way for a number of new job openings, as is always the case when a brand new industry begins to develop in an area.