Music Education Provides Hope as it Sharpens Education Skills

Piano - Music Education


The benefits of good school music education programs can end up becoming pervasive throughout all aspects of our society and make a positive difference. Studies have shown that students exposed to high quality music education programs exhibit positive traits like better language development, especially in children ages two through nine. The skills required to learn music use the left side of the brain, the area that is involved with processing and learning language.

Other exceptional traits seen in students who have access to good music education programs are a slightly increased IQ often accompanied with better test results, spatial skill improvement, and better performance of tasks that require concentration. Plus, kids simply seem to enjoy music from very young ages. You can ask any parent who has joyfully watched their child respond to music, and they’ll quickly tell you that music is a positive and crucial factor in life enjoyment.

Schools Providing Instrumental and Singing Opportunities
Some schools are deeply involved in providing opportunities through music education programs. There is one program that puts access to pianos in public places. After the pianos have been there for a while, they’re donated to public schools. There are other organizations that donate instruments, time and music instruction for students as well. This can only serve to have a positive impact on the lives of these children and on everyone around them.

Providing music opportunities for young children is incredibly beneficial. Providing singing opportunities for teenagers has been found to positively impact their lives as well. Teens can be helped to overcome depression, anxiety and other factors that affect the lives of kids who are living in less than desirable conditions. Providing some hope can only be a good thing for all of society, and help individual kids as well.

Learning Music for the Sake of Music
While improving test scores and enhancing intelligence are admirable goals of high quality music education in schools, there are also a lot of benefits to simply providing music education for the sake of the music. Kids start to respect the processes and intricacies of learning an instrument and learning how to sing. They learn to appreciate all aspects of music and develop a better understanding of themselves.

Music education provides a bright spot in the school day for children who may be surrounded by conditions that give them little hope. Seeing smiles on their faces as they enjoy music is a reward in itself. They become more positive in life as they learn how to express themselves and how to be more creative. These things can only serve to have a positive impact on all of society.