Ways To Instantly Improve Client Communication: Help for Organizations

Clients are at the cornerstone of your organization – whether your clients are customers or the taxpaying public. They give you money and keep your numbers soaring high, or they are owed services as part of your constituency. It makes sense that you’re consistently trying to impress them and connect with them on a deeper level. You want clients to know that you’re there for them no matter what day or time.

One way to better align with each other is through improved communication. Keep in touch and talk to your clients about what they’re happy about and what needs improvement. Be honest with each other and stay in contact often so you’re aware if any of their attitudes change. See ways to instantly improve client communication; this applies whether you’re a large company, small business, or the White House in need of effective communication with the public.

Assign Account Managers

Carefully assign each person on your team to a small number of clients that they’re to manage. This way you know someone’s monitoring them and the client always has someone to reach out to with any questions or concerns. It minimizes confusion about who’s working with who and puts the responsibility on each employee. This should make your client happy in theory, because they’ll have a point person at all times.

Do Weekly Follow-ups

Make it your job to follow-up with each client on a weekly basis. Show them that the leadership cares about them and wants to succeed together. This is in addition to the work your account managers are doing. This way you’ll get a good idea of what’s going on day-to-day and be able to solve any problems that are still outstanding. This is a decent amount of time to give clients in between each call, so they know you haven’t forgotten about them. Take notes and communicate with the account manager about what you discussed with their client so they’re in the loop.

Ask for Feedback

The only way to improve your client relationships is to ask them what they’re satisfied with, and what they want to see improved. Clearly communicate with them regarding each of their concerns and let them know you’re working on fixing them. You may catch them off-guard by asking clients what they think, but this will be a worthy interaction. They’ll be thrilled to tell you their opinions. Actively listen and see where you may be able to make some changes based on their feedback.

Use Email & Face-to-Face Meetings

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Image: Taras Shypka / Unsplash

Email is a convenient way to communicate with your clients, but understand the risks. If you’re ever involved in a lawsuit or a dispute having access to your electronically stored data will be essential in order to prove your argument. Secure Data Recovery Services are experts at helping you to extract all relevant ESI from complex IT infrastructure. Finding, collecting and producing electronic data during litigation is called e-discovery or electronic data discovery. Another option is to meet with your client face-to-face and have a conversation.


It’s important to always be thinking of ways to improve your client relationships. Letting them slip through the cracks is a big mistake. Be available and show your customers you care. These are four ways to instantly improve client communication