How to Help a Troubled Family Member

In this era during which there is a daily barrage of troubling news, and reasons to feel concerned and fearful, many are feeling the weight of mental fatigue. While not always the case, many have family and friends who are there for them. When your close family member seems to be going down a dark path, however, you can feel lost and distressed. How do you help your loved one, how do you save them from him or herself – and how do you protect and help them? The warning signs might have creeped up on you and now that they’re apparent, your loved one can seem beyond reproach. That is not the case. To help your troubled family member, try using these methods:

  1. Listen to Them (and Take Them Seriously)

This is important, regardless of whether you’re the child or the parent. Listening to your loved one and taking them seriously is how you’ll hear their cries for help. A lot of times people suffer just because they aren’t listened to. Their attempts at making people look at them and take their problems seriously can be interpreted as just bad behavior.

  1. Encourage Them

Encourage your loved one to do better. To eat healthier, to get out more, to get their lives back on track. Encourage them to face their demons and to even seek help. This is especially important if your loved one isn’t someone under your guardianship.

  1. Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up on your loved one, because a lot of times when you do, that is when they give up on themselves. Your loved one is battling demons and, in many cases, they won’t feel like they’re deserving of your attention. Stay with them, stay connected, and don’t give up. If your loved one’s problems don’t seem to be getting better, it’s time to look at professional help.

  1. Seek Professional Help
Help for a troubled family member

Image: Ben White on Unsplash

You aren’t responsible for your loved one’s happiness. You don’t have to fix them. In many cases, you will be so out of your depth. Your loved one won’t be able to tell you how to help, and you won’t know how to help either. That is when you seek out professional help. The best course of action is to get your loved one to seek help, but if that doesn’t work, it’s time to ask about your options. Don’t give up on them, but change your tactics.

  1. Give Them a Second Chance

Sometimes, all your loved one really needs is a wakeup call. This could a consequence that will put into perspective how dangerous and reckless their behavior has been. You owe it to your family member to give them a second chance – but don’t let them walk over your generosity. If your loved one has been jailed, contact Bail Man Bail Bonds to get them out. If your loved one has survived a suicide attempt, use the momentum to help them get the help that they need.

Everyone deserves a second chance to do better. Before your loved one can reach the breaking point, however, you might struggle with how to help. Listen to them, take them seriously, and encourage them to seek out professional help. Don’t give up on them, and give them a second chance when the need it. Your loved one is going through a dark time, but they can make it out of it.