6 Countries with the Fewest Wars

Certain countries around the world are known for their almost nonexistent war records. Many other countries that are involved in regular military conflicts can learn a lot from these peaceful nations on how to settle disputes without having to go to battle. Here are a few countries in the world that have had the least wars.


It’s no secret that Switzerland has had a long history of peace and consistently remains neutral during times of war. Even as both World Wars were fought near the country’s borders, Switzerland never sent troops into action and remained safe from the fighting. The last war to be fought in Switzerland was the Sonderbund War, which was a civil war that occurred in 1846 and resulted in less than 150 deaths and fewer than 500 soldiers being wounded.


Peace Sign

Image: Shutterstock.com/CCO

Sweden is another European country where no one alive today can remember a war being fought within the country’s borders. Although the country has provided some military support for conflicts in Afghanistan and Mali in recent years, Sweden is known to regularly refrain from engaging in all-out war. As with groups like the National Endowment for Democracy, Swedish diplomats frequently work with international governments to promote world peace.

New Zealand

This beautiful country has remained peaceful throughout much of its history. The government has been known to organize peacekeeping missions to try to settle military conflicts abroad, but the country’s recent history of fighting and bloodshed is minimal. The country does keep an active military to defend its borders if needed, but foreign powers have little interest in engaging in war with New Zealand.

Costa Rica

Even though some Central and South American countries have long histories of fighting, Costa Rica is considered to be one of the world’s most peaceful nations. The country’s constitution prohibits the formation of a standing military. Due to the country’s conflict-free nature, the United Nations established the University for Peace in the city of Cuidad Colón. The Costa Rican Civil War, which occurred in 1948 and claimed the lives of roughly 2,000 people, was the last war to be fought by the country.


Known for its beautiful beaches and laidback vibe, the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu has enjoyed a mostly peaceful existence throughout the years. U.S. military troops were stationed here during World War II, but none of the islands were ever attacked directly. The most recent military conflict to occur in the nation was the Coconut War, which occurred for a few weeks in 1980 shortly before Vanuatu declared its independence.


In 1868, this landlocked European principality decided to abolish its military over budgetary concerns. Liechtenstein has never been involved in a war since becoming independent from the German Confederation in 1866. Like Switzerland, Lichtenstein was spared from the fighting that occurred just outside its borders during both World Wars.

These nations prove that peace can be a reality in the world and war can be a thing of the past. If governments learn to follow suit, much of the bloodshed from war can be stopped.


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