Could Paulette Jordan Win The Gubernatorial Race in Idaho?

Many Americans may struggle to find Idaho on a map, but the state recently has been making news across the U.S. for its Democratic candidate for governor, Paulette Jordan. Not only would she become the first female governor of Idaho, if elected, but she would also become the first Native American governor in the history of the country.

While she has been creating national buzz in the recent months and has a lot of support behind her, it won’t be easy for her to get elected. Though she was elected as the Democratic candidate in the primary vote in May, Idaho is one of the most Republican states in the country. Still, there is more to the whole picture.

Red State, Blue Capital

Though Idaho leans heavily on the Republican side of the political spectrum, its capital, Boise, leans on the Democratic side. Those in and around the city voted for Paulette Jordan, as well as those around North Idaho, likely due to the fact that she is from Sandpoint, Idaho, a town in that area.

Time Magazine has already stated its prediction for another Republican governor: “In a state that Donald J. Trump won by more than 30 percentage points and has not elected a Democratic governor since 1990, the Republican primary is almost certainly where Mr. Otter’s successor will be chosen.”

However, many believe that there is more to the story. Jordan is no ordinary candidate, and though she is a Democrat, she is well-suited to be governor of Idaho. For one, she has the skills and experience of a successful career in public relations, including cross-cultural communication skills, as she is Native American and works with local tribes.

Guns Guns Guns

In the past few years, guns have been a hot topic. Though there have been many tragic incidents and a large call for stricter regulations, background checks for firearms— which had been increasing — decreased by 25 percent when Trump was elected as president.

Though the nation as a whole seems to be torn on gun regulations, Idaho is not. As a Republican state, Idaho is — overall — clearly pro-gun. However, Paulette Jordan, like a lot of Democrats, doesn’t want to take anyone’s guns away. In fact, she grew up in the Idahoan culture of fishing and hunting and is a certified and trained gun owner.

Her stance on guns, according to an interview with a local news station, is education, enforcement, and accountability. Though this wouldn’t quantify her as a suitable candidate on its own, it could appeal to some of the many gun owners in Idaho.

National Icon?

There is no doubt that if Jordan was elected a governor, she would become a national icon. As the first Native American governor in the U.S., she would be making history. Idaho could use some positive recognition, and this could be the perfect opportunity.

Though the uphill climb is steep for Jordan, she absolutely has a chance of getting elected. She has the qualifications of being a wonderful governor, and she has grabbed the attention of the nation. She’s already been featured in articles for CNN, the Huffington Post, and even outlets targeted at a younger audience, like Buzzfeed and Teen Vogue.

Likely, her appeal won’t sway older conservatives, but perhaps her fresh perspective and qualifications will convince younger, conservative voters to vote for her. With a bit of luck and the right type of campaigns, Paulette Jordan could become Idaho’s next governor.


Geo SiqueAuthor: Geo Sique is a content creator from Boise, ID. Passionate about social justice, she frequently writes articles on culture and societal issues and aspires to make a positive impact through her writing.