How to Campaign Locally for Your Favorite Candidate

Running a campaign for public office is an extremely challenging, time-consuming, and multi-faceted project. Local campaigns, as well as larger-scale campaigns follow some key guidelines for campaign management, and the level of skill used in accomplishing each task and obstacle of campaigns can make the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one. Whether you are involved in running a campaign or simply considering volunteering, campaigns need a lot of help to reach the largest possible audience and get their message heard to receive support.

Campaign Strategies

Some of the most important aspects of a campaign include marketing, having a strong public image, and sending a clear and concise message of the candidate’s values to their audience. To accomplish this, they must have a firm and personal understanding of their constituents. There are several different skill sets required to run a campaign, which is why the success of a campaign is often determined by the amount of talented and driven people on the campaign. Having an experienced political operativeand a strong PR team can help a campaign get off its feet and receive the attention it needs and deserves.

The first hurdle to overcome in any campaign is getting a candidates name out and producing successful advertising that can assist in captivating a positive public image for the candidate. An effective method of advertising is the use of political banners, especially when they are placed in locations that can associate your name with a trusted location or business. Nice, outdoor banners can increase a candidate’s exposure for the audience segment that is not actively paying attention to politics. Hanging banners of a name and campaign around town can help remind people about the issues that a campaign stands for and can remind them to vote.

Campaign marketing is often the most expensive part of running a campaign, as it is crucial to advertise on many different channels in order to reach the largest audience possible. Between physical banners, Facebook, radio, TV, and print advertisements, a large portion of a campaign budget can be spent. In order for people to care about the candidate, they need to hear and know the name enough to pay attention to the campaign. A strong public relations team is important in curating the content that is highlighted about the candidate and their campaign.

Recruiting Volunteers

Campaigners - Poland (by Pixabay)


Campaign budgets can vary greatly, and the range of funds for various campaigns can make for an uneven playing field. Campaigns on the lower end of the budget scale often rely on volunteers to help get their message out by flyering, door-to-door campaigning, and phone banking. This makes it crucial for campaigns to recruit sound, passionate, and committed volunteers to assist in spreading the word about the campaign.

In order to recruit a large number of volunteers, it’s important to create a message and a platform that is accessible to a large group of individuals and will make people enthusiastic about participating. Taking a firm stance on hot topic issues can be risky but it can also be a way to receive a lot of volunteer support and funding for the campaign. In 2018, people are passionate about supporting causes they believe in.

Having a large group of animated volunteers is not only important in accomplishing the large array of work and marketing that needs to be done, it is also helpful to spread the word about a campaign. Word of mouth, especially now that many people vocalize their political stances on social media, is one of the best ways to sway voters and get people behind a campaign. Riling up excited volunteers can inspire constituents to advocate for your platform, which can be the most effective form of getting voters to open their ears up to your campaign.

Campaign Branding

Branding a political candidate with specific beliefs and issues is an effective way of gaining the support of a large group of people. Receiving endorsements from highly respected community members is an important part of campaigning, as it exposes their supporters to your campaign and can result in an additional slew of votes at the polls. Having conviction in your platform and real-life experience that can help voters to connect with you is an important aspect of gaining their support.

One campaign that is doing this particularly well is the current Democratic candidate for governor of Idaho, Paulette Jordan. This candidate has received coverage from several national publications for running to be the first Native American governor in the country. Also running to be the first woman to hold the governor office of Idaho, Paulette Jordan has an overwhelming amount of support from the liberal community of the state, although it is a widely recognized uphill battle due to the political nature of the overwhelmingly Republican state.

Participating in local campaigns can be an extremely rewarding process, especially if there is a candidate that inspires you and makes you feel that you are involved in a movement. Having a talented political team that helps in making critical decisions and ensuring the candidate is always putting their best foot forward can help avoid political public hiccups and can maintain the integrity of a candidate’s public image. Focusing on inspiring volunteers and voters and getting the candidates name and platform into the public are key elements of a successful campaign and their value should not be diminished.


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