Storing Guns Safely is Essential

Consider this a public safety message: whether you are a gun collector, hunter, or own a couple of handguns for protection, it is important that your guns are stored safely. Hundreds of people die each year from accidental shootings, and unfortunately, many are children. There are several ways to keep your firearms secured and prevent a tragedy.

Install a Lock on the Gun

There are many types of locks, but their function is to prevent the trigger from being pulled or the gun from being loaded. Cable locks, trigger locks, and chamber locks are a few of the different ones. Many newer models sold today include a trigger lock. The locks are not very expensive, and the safety and benefits they provide are certainly worth the price.

If you do not have a typical gun lock, you can also use a padlock. It can be put between the trigger and trigger guard to prevent the gun from being discharged. This will work with most guns.

Lock Your Guns in a Safe

Gun Violence - Another Day, Another MassacreGun safes are one way to keep your firearms safe and secure. They are likely the safest way to prevent your guns from the wrong hands. In addition, they offer protection from scratches since most have interiors that are lined with a soft material. Companies such as offer snapsafe modular vaults to aid in protecting your gun.

A gun safe, depending on construction and materials can also keep your firearms protected from fire and flooding. There are many different sizes available, so you can store as many as needed. A gun safe can also protect your firearm from being stolen. Many can be bolted to the floor, deterring a burglar from taking the safe with them.

Gun cabinets are another option for locking up firearms to keep them secure. If your main concern is keeping them under lock and key, this can be a good choice. They are generally lighter weight than a safe and are available in steel. Some wooden types have a glass front, but the glass can be broken allowing access to the guns. The best method to secure firearms will depend on your needs.

Image source: Defpicture at Shutterstock