How to say Happy Holidays in 468 Languages

TIt’s that time of the year again.  Are you prepared?

No, I don’t mean the time of year when the new Star Wars movie is going to be released (though I, personally, find that equally exciting).

It is what is collectively known as the “Holiday Season”.

What this entails can mean a different thing depending on where you are in the world.

In the Christian world that means Christmas.

For the Jewish world it is Hanukkah

For shopaholics it means Christmas deals.

For the gnomes… ok, it does not mean anything (they are, after all, imaginary beings).

Most of the world, regardless of faith, takes this time to celebrate the coming of the new year.

So that means that, assuming you are not a gnome or a hermit, you will need to wish somebody a “happy holidays” sometime, somewhere in the world in the next month.

Don’t worry, here at Live Lingua we have your back.

So, it won’t matter if this holiday season you find yourselves in the snowy tundra of Finland, on a tropical beach in Thailand, or even if you are bringing in the new year with a pack of wildebeests in the Serengeti.


Don’t have time to learn them all?  Here is a quick infographic to teach you some basics on each continent (except Antarctica, since, well, nobody lives there).

How to say happy holidays in 468 languages
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