Which Country Has the Strongest Green Party Worldwide?

Ecology has long been the object of attention of every country and its population. However, not all states take real measures to solve global problems. And even if they take measures, then the public still remains unsatisfied and new problems occur. This led to the appearance of the Green Party, which is trying to make changes.

The goal of such a party is both environmental and social justice, the reboot of society for the sake of achieving good all over the world. Its members believe that social, economic, and ecology well-being is a unified task. And all the problems in these areas are also common, and they need to be addressed together. Political changes are just a tool for translating this into reality.

But what is happening in the world today, and what place does the Green Party occupy in it? Indeed, this year the situation has adopted radical changes.

The Green Reboot in the European Union

Modern Europe is increasingly active every year concerning environmental issues. Despite public indifference to global issues, what happened shocked the whole of Europe.

“At the end of May, so many Europeans gathered at the polling station, such a presence hadn’t been seen since 1999. The voters thought about the future of the European Union and a change in the political climate. But in addition to the latter, they had to think about the environment. It’s because of the Green Party” – explains the CEO at The Word Point.

Ballot boxes took a hit from the so-called “Green Wave”. The number of votes in favor of this party exceeded all expectations and even the party members themselves.

It has become the fourth largest party in the European Parliament and has collected as many as 75 out of 751 seats. These are truly amazing figures! Let’s take a look at how the number of votes for the Green Party across countries in the EU for 2014 and 2019 has changed.

●     In 2014, in Belgium, 11% voted for the Greens, and in 2019 the number of votes was 15%.

●     In France, with 9% in 2014, the number of votes reached 13% in 2019.

●     As for Germany, in 2014 the number of votes was 13%, and in 2019 this number is 25%.

 The Strongest Green Party

The whole world froze over the question of what prompted the public to cast their votes in favor of this party, which used to be an insignificant player in the political arena.

 But the answer to this question is obvious. The population is still disagreeing with the ecology situation of their country, despite the numerous activities in this direction. And, as can be seen from statistics, the German public realizes this more than others. For example, despite the fact that there are few formal representatives in Eastern Europe, the problem of pollution is of concern to the public.

What changes will Germany now expect with the advent of this party? We can only say that there have not been such ones yet. Someone is waiting for positive changes, while someone predicts an increase in rallies. But now it can be said that based on the new powers, Germany will become a country with the most powerful Green Party. 

Author: Cynthia Young  loves taking every opportunity to share her knowledge with others. Along with digital marketing, Cynthia is also passionate about personal growth and wellness. When she isn’t writing, she can be found hiking with her dog, cooking Thai cuisine, and enjoying hi-tech thrillers. She also frequently writes articles on  the company The Word Point translation service.