How is AI Combatting Climate Change?

Climate change is one of the most trending and discussed topics all across the globe. With efforts being made to protect and preserve what is left undamaged, many campaigns and solutions are being presented by all the industries, especially from the IT sector. There is an excellent possibility of utilizing artificial intelligence by understanding the current climate situation and creating products that help in contributing to a healthier world. 

While many people rely on natural resources, AI (artificial intelligence) can also play a significant role in contributing to making a change in the climate. These machines and devices are responsive to any sudden change in the climate. 

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Imagine how a wire changes its position and direction with the movement of a crimper tool. Similarly, AI devices and tools have been able to evaluate and analyze the change in the regular symmetry of the climate change. 

The Rise of AI 

Artificial Intelligence has been evolving since the 1950s, and ever since, they have been able to drastically improve the quality of artificial intelligence to such an extent that the simplest of devices can perform the most significant tasks in a very time-efficient manner. The rapid growth of the internet and satellite networks has also helped to improve the level of AI continually. In the modern tech world, AI can detect and recognize patterns and methods that are difficult for a human to interpret, establish better policies for various scenarios and also predict things more efficiently. 

How can AI Help with Climate Change?

Just like most operations, AI is also helping us bring a change towards the already deteriorating climate changes. Following are some of the ways.

Collection of Accurate Stats and Data 

AI devices comprise of sensors and analyzers that are able to detect changes in the climate. For example, large organizations like NASA have developed satellite imagery programs that help to gather a versatile amount of data that helps them compose results in no time. This is how floods and other predictions for climate change are calculated and forecasted. 

These imagery results are a very accurate depiction of the changes in the world. Based on these results, we can identify the most significant challenges and risks that are affecting the current climate. All of this information is shared with the relevant decision-makers who can make implement procedures for improvement. The accuracy of information gathered is critical as it helps derive more accurate results, further leading to the plan of action. 

Depiction of Weather Severity 

Several homeowners have also witnessed environmental changes and their impact. However, it may appear less evident for the others. Scientists from the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA), the Microsoft and Conscient AI Laboratories, used GANs which is a kind of AI. 

This form of artificial intelligence has been able to help citizens by predicting the kinds of homes which would be impacted by rising sea levels and more severe storms. This research has been quite helpful for the relevant audience. These companies plan to make it more practical for more citizens by forecasting before a reasonable amount of time and also making efforts to educate every person who can get affected. 

Go Green 

Business and production units have been contributing immensely towards the greenhouse gas effect. But each person and organization must make changes to decrease the negative impact of greenhouse gas on the planet. 

People only opt for the change that they consider easier to integrate in their lives. This is where AI steps in. Artificial intelligence has been able to develop and grow to such an extent that it is helping people take care of the planet and save what is left.

Several AI devices are available in the market like smart thermostats, which help save electric bills and irrigation systems that help keep water. These resources are assisting people to play a crucial role in protecting natural resources as much as we can. 

Detect the Carbon 

Carbon footprint is a major problem in the world. This refers to the mark left by the various forms of transport that we use. Most of these mediums of conveyance emit fumes and gases that are directly damaging the ozone. and luckily, there are people who still consider the importance of atmosphere. For example, Carbon Tracker which is an independent, London-based, AI-induced firm that tracks coal plant emissions with the help of satellites. 

While they work towards the United Nation’s goal of eliminating coal plants, they have complete support from Google, which is helping improve satellite imagery results. The entire research is focused on the use of AI for monitoring the use of fuel-powered plants and carbon dioxide emissions which will help in keeping a cap on the emission in the future.

Sensible Solutions

Climate researchers, as well as innovative theorists and strategists, are working to decrease air pollution as well as introduce other environmentally sustainable developments with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning assessments. For instance, The Green Horizon Program by IBM evaluates climatic data and forecasts emissions, as well as experiments on scenarios involving strategies to reduce pollution and help save the environment.

Up-to-date Analysis 

To receive regular emission notifications, AI will simplify and automate the analysis and image processing of power plants and other reasons for climate change. It also presents new means of measuring the effect of a factory, through a reduction in consumption of local energy or services. This is beneficial for gas-powered plants which don’t have coal-fired clouds.

Changing climate is a challenging problem and is exacerbated by the many participants from different governmental entities throughout the world to business-driven companies and individuals who are not always open to new ideas. Thus the quicker and wiser we might become, the abler we are to achieve, through using AI and machines, to slam on the brakes for the global warming damage at least.


Devices comprising of artificial intelligence have an impact on determining the present climate conditions. With the environment protection regulations in trend, it is generically easier to track and improve the deteriorating changes in climate.

Author: Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics. He occasionally writes blog articles for Shireen Inc.