Protecting the Environment: Four Ways to Ship Goods Smarter

Shipping goods is one of those processes that can very often be done better. By doing better, you can have a positive impact on the environment. This can be accomplished by reducing the material you use, the cost it takes, and even improving the packaging design and on-shelf marketing of your products. Whether you are shipping goods, waste, or anything in-between, the concept stays the same and to ship goods smarter, you will want to implement these top four methods: 

1.     Rethink Your Packaging Materials

First things first – it’s time to rethink your packaging materials and how you pack items. While products need their own particular solution, you can easily save space and money when packaging raw materials like cardboard with a wire baler. These balers are suited for all types of waste and raw materials, from cardboard to textiles, and once baled, they are much easier to transport and store, meaning that you can reduce costs on all avenues. While reducing cost, you’ll also reduce the harmful impact to the environment by using renewable and recyclable products.

2.  Create Specialized Packaging Solutions 

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash

For products, you need smarter packaging solutions. Consumers are getting fed up with plastic. Most of the time, it is not recyclable, and simply dealing with it in their home is irritating. There are also so many ways you can avoid this. You can redesign your packaging to support the item with cardboard materials. You can use plant-based plastics. You could even look into a reusable system where customers return your packaging to be cleaned and reused for either a discount or a small sum. 

3. Ship Goods with Other Businesses 

The cost of shipping an individual item is going to be costly. Big businesses subvert this cost by either applying for bulk discounts or managing their own fleet. Small businesses, however, have another option, especially when ordering goods from suppliers overseas. By putting your money together, you can order goods on wholesale, benefit from the bulk discount, and still get the right amount of products that you need. You might be able to find shipping solutions to your customers that follow the same suit, which is why exploring your options is key. 

4. Streamline Goods Processing

Time is money, which is why the last way to ship goods smarter is to improve your systems. It should be automatic that when a customer buys an item online or in a store, your inventory is automatically adjusted. When that inventory reaches a certain threshold, you should then have a task set up so that it will automatically order more to replenish stock. 

Automation for small, simple tasks like this is invaluable and can save you so much money. You don’t have to lose money while your shelves are empty, and you don’t have to deal with irate customers while you deal with a lost package. There is no time lost as your inventory department gets in touch with your suppliers, and no held orders while your accounts team deal with the invoice. All of this can be automatically processed. You can manually review it by all means, but these simple tasks are best left to the machines so that you can improve processing times, decrease costs and make your shipping methods smarter.