How to Run a Green Business: Your Short Guide

When you’re running a business in the 2020s, you’ll be all too aware of the gathering forces in the market that might affect how you’re able to trade in the future. The political climate around the world is affecting the business climate: environmental activism in the streets has translated into climate-impacting changes in business practices. One of the primary ways that your business will change in the next ten years is with regards to its green credentials: put simply, you need to go green or face the consequences. As such, this short guide walks you through some of the main areas in which you can go greener in your company’s operations this year, and long into the future.


Can you produce your own energy at your place of work? Are you able to harness the wind or the sun? If so, this is an excellent way to cut your bills and appear far more eco-friendly to your customers and clients. Meanwhile, you may want to consider ways to simply cut down your energy usage, whether that involves turning off lights and appliances when possible or cutting your heating bills by selectively turning up the thermostat. 


The digital world has enabled a number of changes that are set to make the business world far more eco-friendly. Many of these – like using e-signatures instead of physical signatures, or facilitating a paperless system through emails instead of paper mail – can help you reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your overall consumption. Again, this will also cut your overheads if you follow this policy correctly. 


That waste which you do produce – and for many companies, that’s simply inevitable – ought to be recyclable. Put pressure on your suppliers to only provide you with materials and packaging that can be recycled in order to clean up your supply chain for the future. Also, ensure that your company searches for one or more Used Balers and Compactors for Sale, which will crush and compact your recyclable trash into small cubes for distribution to a recycling processing plant.


One of the major contributory factors to the climate crisis is transportation, and your company may be guilty, along with thousands of others, of not quite playing ball. Do your staff have to travel by car and airplane in order to get to work or to meetings? Might you be able to streamline your logistics team so that they’re better able to deliver parcels and orders in a more eco-friendly way? These are the questions that should trouble you in your quest to go greener as a company.


Finally, why not invest some of your cash, not in fossil fuel companies and other such organizations that are contributing to the climate crisis, but in companies that are proactively using technology to work against global warming and waste. You’ll be able to announce these investments to your followers and your customers and wear it as a badge of honor as your investments fund a new world of sustainable energy and consumption. 

These five tips are designed to help you focus on the different areas through which you can make your company greener in 2020 and beyond. 

Image source: Clipart-libary