5 Reasons Why a Degree Is So Important in Today’s World

It’s undeniable: education has a massive influence on a person’s ability to move through the world. It dictates the jobs that people go on to have. The higher the level of education, the more important these jobs generally become. It’s no surprise, then, that more and more people are choosing to go to college. 

Of course, a degree is far from easy to attain. Say you want to study at UC Santa Barbara. Before you can even begin your course, you’ll need to meet the UCSB GPA requirements and hope your application is accepted. Then, once on the course, you have at least three years of intensive learning to get through. College is no cakewalk! 

However, the effort is certainly worth it. Need proof? Here are five reasons why a degree is so important in today’s world: 

Many jobs see it as a primary requirement

If you have ever searched for white-collar jobs in the past, there’s a regular theme you’ll likely have noticed: a degree is mandatory. According to statistics, 35% of job openings require a bachelor’s degree at the very least. 

Due to the increasingly competitive nature of the job market, that percentage is only going to get higher. This is particularly the case in major industries, including education, technology, and even certain business sectors. 

It prepares you for a specific role

There’s a reason why many employers decide to hire those with a degree. This is due to the specific skills and knowledge gained while studying for that degree. As a result, if you don’t have a degree, you will tend to be viewed as less desirable a candidate. 

With a degree, however, you will be viewed favorably by employers. Furthermore, many degrees prepare you for a specific role, which means you can be confident in doing the work correctly. 

The chance to build a network

Before you earn a degree, you can earn in a different way: by building a professional network.

During your time at college, you will be surrounded by progressive thinkers and likeminded individuals. These people will be operating within the same field as you, which means you’ll be collaborating and communicating with them during your course. Strike up friendships with these people, and it could shape your career for the better. 

Increase earning potential 

If it opens the possibility of securing more senior job positions, it’s only natural that a degree will boost your earning potential. Yet this isn’t just for those looking for a new role, either. If you’re currently employed, a degree could result in promotion within your company.

You grow as a person

That’s right: there’s more to a degree than just the professional and financial rewards on offer. It can also help you grow as a person. For instance, the time spent in college chatting with others during projects will help improve your communication skills. 

That’s just one example. As you progress with your studies, other skills, such as time management, problem-solving, and self-confidence, will be revealed. 

Image source: Pixabay