The Duties of the Coast Guard

The armed forces of the United States protect the country as well as the people who live there. While we have troops that defend the skies and land, there are special men and women who keep the water edge safe. Here are a few of the duties of the Coast Guard.

Patrolling Waters

The primary task of this division is to secure the border by patrolling the edge of international waters. This is to prevent enemy forces from reaching the shores as well as helping those enjoying the oceans and other waterways who might be in trouble. They also develop counter-terrorism procedures in the event the country is attacked. This includes seeking out any potential threats that might be discovered and dealing with them.

Rescue Others

One of the first jobs the Coast Guard was built for was to look for those lost at sea and attempt to rescue them. They patrol the waters in search of wayward boaters who are struggling and assist them however is needed. The ability to communicate with each other allows them to team up with larger issues that require more than one response unit.

Drug Seizure

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One of the most common methods that illegal substances enter the United States is by boat. The Coast Guard stops drug smugglers from entering the country. They are responsible for keeping over half the cocaine sent from reaching their sources. This aids with drug prevention efforts by blocking the products from getting to those who would abuse it. 

Guardians of Marine Animals

Another duty of the Coast Guard is to protect different types of species that live in the waterways, especially the oceans. They enforce the fishing laws in the area and pay close attention to anyone who tries to harm underwater life, especially those that might be endangered. They help with any disaster that might hurt these creatures and attempt to keep the waters safe for sea life to be in. 

Maintain Navigation

It is the Coast Guard’s responsibility to determine the safest routes on the water and to direct boaters in the same way. They set up buoys and markers, utilize lighthouses, and write the laws that sea vessels use to keep them safe. They designate the dangerous spots in the ocean and warn others about them. The organization also patrols these areas and ensures those on the water are following the rules. 

Immigration Control

The Coast Guard watches for boats that might contain people wishing to enter the United States illegally and sends them back to the country they came from. Most of these immigrants arrive on dangerous smuggling boats that could do them harm. Many of these vessels are overcrowded and about to fall apart. The Coast Guard takes care of those onboard, makes sure they are safe, and checks into the status of their immigration. If the boat has already given way, they will begin a search and rescue mission for those who were on the ship then get them back to their place of origin.