Why Government Should Fund Tech Advancements That Protect the Planet

Technology has changed the basics of how people live, work, and interact with one another. There is no historical reference point that you can use to compare how quickly technology is advancing. Much of the new technology being produced can transform how society protects the environment. This has led many politicians to argue that the government has the responsibility to fund technology that can protect the planet.

The Benefits of Government Funding for Technology Are Widely Seen

The positive impact government funding can have on technology is clearly seen in today’s world. You would likely not be reading this story online, using social media, or tracking the progress of a trip using GPS if it were not for government funding of technologies. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that if it wasn’t for NASA, there would be no such thing as baby formula. Whether it is the Internet, smart phones, GPS navigation, bar codes, or vaccines, government funding has done much to advance technology.

Technologies That Can Improve the Environment

The tech sector is a leading force in environmentally sustainable solutions for common problems. For example, tech companies like BionicYarn.com are using plastic that is polluting the oceans or that has washed up on seashores to create textiles.

The fact that most businesses have gone digital means that less paper is being used now when compared to years past. Files are being stored in the cloud as opposed to paper being physically stored in file cabinets.

Technology is being used to ensure that individuals, corporations, and governments are following environment-related laws. In countries where poachers are hunting endangered animals, drones and other long-range security devices allow conservationists to cover vast distances. This makes it harder for those hunting illegally to break the law.

Government Investment in Environmental-Related Technologies Has a High Return on Investment

When talking about technology’s impact on the environment, think outside of the box. For example, companies like Uber allow fewer people need to own a car. Airbnb lets travelers take advantage of spaces that would otherwise be empty. Netflix reduces the number of DVDs that are produced, which reduces the need of postage, transporting items, and other environmentally damaging practices.

Eco-friendly technologies require effective government funding if they are to grow. Green technologies make up an infant industry that with sufficient support from both the public sector and government industries can grow to have a positive impact on the environment, create a new generation of jobs, and generate wealth for many.

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Image source: Appolinary Kalashnikova