Real-world Skills Students Will Take Away From Pandemic Schooling

As we move towards the end of 2020, COVID-19 continues damaging lives and businesses all around the world. One of the biggest sectors that had to see multiple issues was the global education setup. While many countries benefitted from remote learning, it is safe to assume not every country had the resources and opportunities to do the same. Now more than ever, countries need to start focusing on digitizing and improving technological state of the citizen given the unequal distribution.

Source: Edwin Hooper / Unsplash

In China, when people talk about crisis as something dangerous, they also take it as an opportunity. In literal terms, the Chinese word for crisis translate to ‘threat at a point of juncture’. Having this said, the world currently is in the state of juncture where we keep wondering about the life post-lockdown. 

The COVID-19 has been a crucial time for students. Education has been one of the most effected setups and the responsibilities of teachers to ensure that this time is not wasted has increased during the pandemic. At the same time, while education plays a crucial role, the pandemic is also a reminder that teachers need to teach their students real-world skills more than ever. With COVID-19 restricting contact with humans, it is essential that our children learn as many real-world skills as possible. 

  • Understanding and Utilizing Digital Technology 

Teachers and students now understand more how digital technologies work and why they are so important. At the same time, there is more awareness on digital skills being essential in the future toolkits of individuals. With these tools and skills missing, remedial education may have been difficult. The education ministries and governments all over the world realize the importance of technology and without it, it would be difficult for professional development of education. 

In the modern 2020, being technologically-abled is a go-to trait and students should take full advantage of the time they have on their hands. 

  • Becoming Self-Sufficient and Resilient 

Pandemic schooling has given students the opportunity to learn more on their own rather than depending on the instructor or class fellows. For a while, there is no focus on group activities and projects. These projects had their own benefits, but individual assignments may have absolutely allowed students to do work their own ways. With the instructor not present at availability as pre-Corona times, it allows a student to take up the challenge and do things their own ways.

Without knowing when things go back to the way they were, not being able to return to the normalcy and having the fear of facing of losing their internship or part time gig has taken students on a survival mode, while making them more resilient than they were in the first. You actually earn the grade!

  • Reading and Researching 

We have always talked about the importance of reading while we were growing up. Our parents encouraged us to read as much as possible, but sometimes that was something we did not want. Pandemic school needs to include reading books other than the education curriculum. Parents and teachers need to motivate the students to resume such an activity. At same time, students need to be aware of their researching skills. Researching is an important component in education and life in general. You can work on this real-life skill and see how differently you look into things, especially when it comes to in the light of facts. 

So, here’s the take way what students need to be sure of when they are into pandemic schooling.

Author: Vasy Kafidoff is a writer and founder of the freelance writing service, where he and his team offer multiple services, including case brief services and article writing. Vasy loves reading books of different genres with fiction being his favorite.