How Solar Energy Is Becoming More Accessible

Studies show that in the last decade, solar use has increased at an average annual growth rate of 49% and continues to rise. Under President Biden’s new administration that has already had press conferences in which climate change has been a central point, more discussion on non-coal forms of energy can be expected.

How can citizens get involved in halting damage to the environment and slowing climate change? It begins with asking questions: Do you currently use solar panels or any solar energy powered products? Are you interested in using solar in the future? What questions do you have about how to start using solar energy?

As solar products become more accessible to consumers, the opportunities to use solar energy in new areas continue to expand.

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Continued Impact of Climate Change

As concern grows for the impact of climate change on the environment, more people are turning to ways they can improve the situation. Solar energy is seen as a way to harness the natural energy that the sun gives off daily and uses technology to convert it into a useable form of energy to power a variety of things.

There is a movement behind championing the adoption of renewables as we move forward and relying less on fossil fuels to power homes, cars, and other areas that consume energy daily. Some areas offer incentives for consumers that invest in solar for their homes or businesses in order to increase the use of solar within the community. 

Solar-Powered Products 

The solar industry is growing from solar panels to solar-powered products. Now you can purchase products that use solar energy and help you complete specific tasks. 

Solar panel, photovoltaic, alternative electricity source
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There is a solar powered generator that can help give you power during an outage or run certain areas for an outdoor event that require power to operate. This is an example of just one of the many products that are using solar power to replace being run by fuel. 

Uses for Solar Energy Are Growing

As the demand for solar energy and the consumer use for solar grows, so is the technology. 

There are hybrid devices being created that gather the sun and store it as thermal energy. The ability to do this can have a massive impact because it can lead to the wide-scale adoption of solar power. The ability to store the energy from the solar panels means that it can be used even on a cloudy day or at night. 

This would allow cooler climates or areas that receive less sunlight to still capitalize on the benefits of solar energy in their homes. Right now, these areas are slower to adopt the practice given that they don’t receive sun year-round or have limited spans of time in which the weather is favorable to solar. 

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As more solar-friendly products become available, you can save money and help the environment as well. Check out our website for more informational articles like this one.