How to Stay Environmentally Conscious

It’s never been more important to keep on top of your carbon footprint and develop an environmentally conscious attitude. Recent research shows that climate change is rapid, widespread, and intensifying across the globe. While governments and companies need to do more to protect our planet, we as individuals also need to alter our habits to help reduce the human impact on our living environment. This article shows you how to stay environmentally conscious

Buy from trusted brands 

The carbon footprint is made up of the emissions of all stages in production and distribution, so if you purchase a product from a well-known brand that has been ethically produced, then it will have less impact on the planet.

Do your research and use brands and companies such as Just Glasses who you know you can trust. That way, you’re not taking the risk of purchasing products from a questionable business that could have a higher impact on the environment.

Buy local goods 

Another way to reduce your carbon footprint is to purchase items that are made locally. This reduces emissions produced through transportation, as you can often source your goods from your nearby area or town. Of course, if you do need to purchase from further afield, then research your company and always buy from a reputable brand.

Reduce, reuse, recycle 

Being environmentally conscious isn’t just about reducing your carbon footprint, it also includes creating less waste. In order to combat this problem, think carefully before you buy anything and focus on being a ‘user’ or ‘collector’ rather than throwing things away. This means buying products in bulk, taking care to use what you already have before purchasing more, and keeping anything that might come in handy for another time. 

Image by Bela Geletneky from Pixabay 

For example, if you notice you’re running low on washing up liquid, then buy a large bottle rather than just one individual unit. This way you won’t need to purchase the item again for a long time, cutting down on unnecessary waste.

Opt for sustainable transport 

Transportation is a major source of emissions so aim to reduce the amount you travel by using more sustainable modes of transport wherever possible. This doesn’t just include taking the bus or train instead of driving your car, it also involves considering alternatives, such as cycling or walking to work or school. 

If you are regularly traveling long distances, look into hybrid cars that use renewable energy sources such as petrol mixed with biofuels made from plants. If this isn’t practical for your lifestyle, then aim to reduce the number of journeys you take by car and get a company car that is more environmentally friendly.

Don’t take long flights 

If you do have to fly, then try to reduce the number of flights you take

If this is practically impossible for your lifestyle, only take short-haul flights when going overseas and opt for a direct flight without any unnecessary stopovers. In order to stay environmentally conscious, look into companies that have a good track record in the industry.