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Starting Your Sustainability Journey at Home

The topic of sustainability can feel overwhelming at first. After all, it’s a global issue that is facing billions of individuals all at the same time.

However, the reality of living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t happen on a macro scale. It starts with micro-adjustments, many of which can take place right in your own home.

Here are a few suggestions for ways to jumpstart your sustainable journey right in the comfort of your own living space.… [Read more]

The Many Benefits of Volunteering

The work done by charities, nonprofit organizations and other altruistic groups to make a positive difference in the world is endless, and even those who have a roster of paid staff usually rely on volunteers to stay effective. Giving up your time to help a worthwhile cause is of course a fantastic way to make the world a better place, but did you know it can also bring you some more personal benefits?… [Read more]

Common Health, Gas Safety, and Environmental Concerns

Although natural gas might be the cleanest fossil fuel in the world, it should never be considered an alternative to renewable energy. When natural gas is burned, it produces carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and water vapor. 

A wide range of consumer products relies on natural gas, including stoves, clothes dryers, fireplaces, and furnaces. The chances are that at least one appliance in your home or office runs on natural gas.… [Read more]

How Do You Spend Cryptocurrency?

In today’s world, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others are becoming more mainstream each day. However, if you have joined the vast numbers of people who have invested in cryptocurrency, you may now be wondering how you can actually spend this form of virtual currency. While you may think you have few available options, the fact is there are more ways to spend cryptocurrency than you ever imagined, with these being the most popular.… [Read more]