About Us

We are Borderless News and Views.

Our goal is to do three things: educate, entertain and eradicate the real and imagined borders between us.

We’re Liberal –- and we wear that label proudly because it means we favour positive change.

We’re Progressive.  We advocate for turning freely towards progress.

At Borderless News and Views, we believe progress cannot be made if we’re divided and going backwards — and in order to move forward we must cross borders — the divisions among people — to see things from other perspectives.  We want to learn about, and present, the “other side” of the news.

As a progressive and global site, BNV seeks to promote stories that go against the waves of regression. Alongside our readers, we are a part of the fight against the War on Women. Against gender inequality. Against religious imposition that keeps people ‘in the closet’ about whom they love.

We cover topics ranging from tax fairness for the middle class, to supporting the push for effective healthcare reform and affordable access for all. In other words, we’re against Wingnuttery… in all of its many forms.

Who are we? BNV’s talented writers and artists come from far-reaching corners of the earth. And our writers are smart enough to know that the planet doesn’t actually have “corners.”  This team offers an insider’s perspective to the common problems and challenges facing their communities and nations, and our world. Among other places, we come from the United Kingdom and Singapore;  from Pakistan and France; and from New York and…Utah? Yes, we’re all over. And we’re united in dissecting the truth behind today’s issues.

BorderlessNewsandViews.com asks that you join us. Together we can change perspectives so that we may come to see the world as it can be:


Please join our mission to eradicate borders.  Enjoy our progressive insights mixed with a dash of snark — and have a little fun along the way.