Ain’t No Love

Is there really more racism? Or has it always been here but just on the DL? Are more racists emboldened because of their anger at our first African-American president? Or was it there and nobody said anything?

I don’t know the reason but suddenly you can hardly read the news without somebody getting caught on tape, an open mic or writing something racist and hateful.… [Read more]

The Cover of the Rolling Stone

So many people have their undies in a knot over this week’s cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The Boston Bomber, the young kid from Uzbekistan who bombed the Boston Marathon is on the cover. People are screaming far and wide about it. Walgreen’s won’t sell it. There’s a big hoopla over it.

I don’t understand it.… [Read more]

Talking About Race: “It’s All so ‘Vexifyin'”

I remember it was a warm day and I was sitting in the dog park near my apartment on Camp Street. My dog Molly was running about and I was just sitting there on the fountain, thinking and watching Molly play with some other dogs. There weren’t many people in the park and it was kind of quiet, and I was just sitting there alone with my thoughts when a young girl came and sat near me.… [Read more]

The Good Wife

Why is everyone piling insult upon the injury in Holly Petraeus’ life? Because she doesn’t look like a hot young model? Because she looks like a 50+ year old woman who raised her family and moved numerous times because of her husband’s job?

Why is it expected that she is supposed to take the blame for his indiscretion?… [Read more]

Getting Back Into the Pool: Online Dating – A User’s Perspective, Part II

Part Two: Do’s and a few “Please don’ts!”

In part one, I covered the basics. Let’s move on. Instant messages….they can be fun. It’s a great way to get to know someone, isn’t it? You can chat online and have fun. But they can also be a drag. Here’s what I mean:

I’m online and I get an alert that lets me know that JohnBoy2010 wants to chat with me.… [Read more]

Getting Back Into the Pool: Online Dating – A User’s Perspective, Part I

Part One: “The Basics”   Fellas, can I speak to you a second?

This online dating thing….we’re trying it out and hoping to meet someone we really like. You are too, right? It has its ups and downs and can be tricky. Yeah, some folks lie about how they look, and I know some of those profiles just aren’t real.… [Read more]

The Diagnosis…Now What?

One night a few years ago, I noticed an ad on the Internet asking “Could You Have Lupus?” I took the quiz and answered the questions and the results were, talk to your doctor, you may have lupus. No, I said. I’m just stressed and tired and I put it out of my mind.

A few months later, my right hand and arm suddenly swelled up and I could not bend my fingers.… [Read more]

Too Old

I left two jobs in the past ten years because of age discrimination. My position had been eliminated from one company but I could not help but notice that many of my fellow ex-employees were over 40 years old. There was a lot of gray hair in that room. I wanted to believe that age had nothing to do with it but there were just too many people in that room who were noticeably older.… [Read more]

I Didn’t Go To Woodstock

I didn’t. I should have and I could have but I didn’t. Here is the sad tale.

I had been living in Chicago for a year and I had made some new friends. We had been running around having fun all that time and hadn’t thought things were going to change but they did. The reason I was in Chicago in the first place is because I was supposed to be going to college.… [Read more]

The Real War

The last two episodes of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” that I saw really got to me. Both started with rapes – one particularly violent and disturbing because it took place in a mental hospital.

Maybe I’ve lost my spine because, lately, I’m having trouble looking at such things — and that means I can’t tolerate a lot of television these days.… [Read more]