Butter Me Up, Because the American Healthcare System Surely Will Not

I ate popcorn today for the first time in over two years. About a month ago, I sat in my kitchen while a dentist who¬†didn’t speak my language injected copious doses of a numbing agent (meant to be given to women in labor) into my gums, all so that two of my teeth could literally be pulled out with a pair of pliers.… [Read more]

Declaration of the Foster Children

There is no way to adequately start this article. There are thousands of metaphors I could twist into something that will tear at your heart strings, but there is nothing that will make you feel. There is nothing that will make you stop what you’re doing and take immediate action. There are only the strangled voices and the loss of lives before they’ve even begun, struggling to maintain some type of humanity within themselves, to remind them they’re human, too, that stand behind you like evanescent ghosts.… [Read more]

A Sixpence for Education

Despite being born in 1994, I genuinely feel I am a ’90s child — meaning I grew up with Pokemon, decent cartoons on Nickelodeon, keeping my door unlocked at night, and the freedom to express myself through Myspace, regardless of my adolescent worries of why the hell my breasts were growing so rapidly. I grew up with an eager need to learn, no matter where my material came from.… [Read more]