On Rape: Lindy West, Don’t Speak For Me

Oh, Lindy West…you assumptive, condescending, bitter woman, trying to speak for me.  Stop.

Stop using words like “victim” and “trivializing” in your high-pitched “Oh-Em-Gee” voice. Granted, you’re upset about rape, and the social commentary that goes along with the harsh, stark reality that some men (and some women) cannot control their sexual urges, allow their inner treachery to surface and, in turn, physically harm others.… [Read more]

She Works Hard for Her Money

If you are like most Americans today, you’re like that girl someone sang about in the 80s, working hard for your money.  This may be true.  Though, after you make it, what happens to it depends on your choices.  Our country is awash in debt, struggling to find the money to (as my grandmother said) “rob Peter to pay Paul.” … [Read more]

Shadows of Intolerance

“You have no idea how loud that is,” a man abruptly stated to a a younger man man listening to music on the train yesterday.

The older speaker continued, standing tall in his neatly pressed suit and well-worn baseball cap, angrily sighing between statements. “You don’t know, do you?  You have no idea how loud and annoying that is.”  … [Read more]

Here’s a Story of A Lovely Lady

Last night, I watched the Republican National Convention on PBS. Instead of listening to commentary by news organizations, I simply watched and listened. I went out of my way to absorb the message that was being conveyed to the American people. I know I am a difficult demographic to reach, being an educated, urban, single female trying to make it without giving excuses for how “hard things are for us gals.”  … [Read more]

Akin to Rape

Google told me today, thankfully, that “genius and madness are akin.”

We are enthralled in the dramatics displayed by some shockingly misguided and delusional beliefs expressed by a man who’s mother may not have told him that elves are make-believe. It is a display of how “we,” as a nation, allow powerful men to assume they have the right to say what they want without challenge from the people.… [Read more]

Isolated, Alone, and Angry

I may have spent too much time outside the small town where I was raised. I may have traveled a bit too extensively and witnessed a few too many hardships, heroes, and unexpected acts of kindness from stranger to stranger.  I say this because, very recently, the thought crossed my mind that if I had never stumbled out and tripped about (physically, not on drugs, you loon) like I have in the world, I might be a completely different person.… [Read more]

America as Seen by a Germophobic Comedian

Last week, I had the great privilege of traveling to Las Vegas to network in the world of stand-up comedy, and also do a little myself.  Given that the business of being funny isn’t always so, I began the trip expecting to take a highly observant role.  From the beginning of my trip, this, thankfully, was the case.… [Read more]

Come On Kids, Piece America Together

Have you ever watched a group of children try and solve puzzles?

Some children dive right in, grab the pieces and start shoving and pushing them together.  They focus on three or four pieces, trying to find the right way to connect the elements as they go along. The problem to solve is in the forefront of the situation.… [Read more]

Just the Facts: People are Crazy

I wanted to get “just the facts” this morning in order to get a positive and cheery start to my day. With that in mind, I clicked my way towards Fox News. Stop your judgement, and give me a second to explain.

Our country has become so divided, and we prefer to inform ourselves about the things that directly interest us or with which we agree.… [Read more]

Of Thee I Sing

In less than the time it took for a waitress to take my order for eggs and deliver them promptly, I watched the news long enough to see four incidences of vicious, mind-boggling violence that ended in such things as murder, cannibalism, and the chopping off of limbs.  Call me crazy, but maybe the Mayans were right when they predicted the end of times.… [Read more]