The Power of the Pill

Give ’em Hell, Jane!

My dad has been saying that to me for as long as I can remember. We’d sing along with “Stop and Smell the Roses” on the 8 Track , he’d pull up in front of the preschool, kiss me on the cheek and send me on my way with a “Give ’em Hell, Jane!”… [Read more]

Santorum’s Missing Link

What’s going on with the latest “Not Mitt” candidate and his educational plan? Last week Santorum made quite a name for himself by senselessly calling the President a snob for wanting more American’s to reach for higher education. WHAT?? Okaaaay…If opportunity is bad, what other brilliant ideas does Santorum have?

According to his website, Santorum says “Education is the responsibility of parents, local schools (public and private), and states in that order.”… [Read more]