Celebrating birthdays


Birthdays are one of many special occasions that many of us celebrate. Coming around once a year often reminds us that time whizzed quickly past us and that we are now a year older with more experiences to look back on.

As a kid you really look forward to your birthday. You can’t wait to grow older and cut the birthday cake.… [Read more]

Understanding the Need to Take Time off to Reflect

It’s summer and half the year is already over. Days tend to pass very quickly when one is busy with work or  taking care of kids. Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming as there are so many things to do on a daily basis. You can get mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the day.… [Read more]

Surviving the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are on us again. School is out and the kids are free to run wild. It need not be all chaos at your household this summer as there are many different activities which you can do with your children to occupy their time meaningfully.

  • Sign them up for art camps, or do painting/drawing at home:  It would be great for them to capture their surroundings down in print using different mediums in art.
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Putting Colors into Your Life


Life is like an empty canvas when we are born. With each experience we add on to the threads that make up the fabrics of our life. As we paint on the canvas we wonder how the final picture will turn out. What will it be? Will it be a bright and happy drawing or something that is dull and that depicts agony?… [Read more]

Sausages and Eggs Anyone?

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It gives you the energy that you need to get a head start on the things that need to be completed. Why, then, are so many kids and adults reluctant to give this meal the emphasis that it needs?

Many times we use insufficient time or even the lack of appetite as a reason for not eating breakfast.… [Read more]

How to Keep Kids Safe on a Vacation

It is the school holidays and the school has been closed for the mid-term vacations over here in Singapore. It’s time to visit places and go on the trip to the promised theme park or beach, which the kids have been dying to go to.

Here are some tips on how to lessen the worries and stresses that you may have when you bring your kids out to a busy place.… [Read more]

Teaching Kids about Love, post Valentine’s

This week is the week of Love as we celebrated Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February.  Love is not just for people who are dating but also between friends, siblings and relations.

Love: An intense feeling of deep affection

It is something that we feel, an attachment for a person or an object. If you teach children how to respect and love they will act in kind.… [Read more]

Engaging your Child through Holisitic Education

In this fast-paced society of ours it is important for an individual to be able to perform well in many different aspects. Gone are the days where only excellent academic results and a high IQ are able to see you through your adulthood. Nowadays EQ (Emotional Quotient) matters more than IQ. One is expected  to have good  academic results, relate well to others, be hands on, physically fit and have an understanding and appreciation for the Arts.… [Read more]

3 Tips for Dealing with Unpleasant People

Do you have days where you just wish you were able to strangle someone or drop him into a boiling pot of water? I recently had such strong emotions running through my mind when I was angered by a nasty e-mail that I received. Reading profanities that were splattered all around in the content and being accused of doing something which I haven’t done really made my blood boil.… [Read more]

Understanding Kids’ Need for Play


Playing is something very important for kids. Since they were born, children have been wired to play and have fun through it. As they grow older there  are fewer and fewer chances to play and have such spontaneous fun. Often, we as parents are too eager to  have our kids grow up or embroil them in academics that we forget their need to play.… [Read more]

Understanding the Need for Me Time for Full-Time Moms

Being a full-time mom can be very draining at times. So often there are 101 things to be done on a daily basis that leave little time for breaks. One not only needs to take care of the household but to also take care of the kids. This leaves extremely little time to care about yourself and most of the time a mom will put her needs last or even neglect them in favour of the family.… [Read more]

Lanterns and the Mid Autumn Festival

It is time for lantern gazing again. The Mid Autumn Festival will be celebrated on the 30th of September this year. The kids and I are really looking forward to enjoying a moonlight night  moon gazing while sipping on Chinese tea and eating moon cakes.

If you are wondering about how the tradition of moon gazing started, according to ancient Chinese folklore it all began many centuries ago.… [Read more]

Teaching Kids about Budgeting

Our economy is still not doing as well as expected. Growth forecasts have been revised downwards and interest rates are less than 1% for fixed deposits in most banks. Even the savings accounts have a really dismissal interest rate of 0.05% here in Singapore. You may be better off keeping your money under your mattress like during olden times instead of letting it be subjected to the various account-keeping fees incurred by leaving it in the bank.… [Read more]

Family Bonding Through Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is catching on here in Singapore. In the last few years there have been rock climbing schools sprouting up all over the island. Many high schools and tertiary schools have rock walls installed on the premises and it is even an extra curriculum activity for the students. It is great that this activity is now also available for younger kids 4 years and up so my boys are able to get a chance to try it out.… [Read more]

Surviving the Summer Vacation in Singapore

The kids are on holiday as school is out. It can be quite chaotic having all three kids at home. They can be very boisterous when all of them are together. Sending the kids off to summer camp is not a norm here. Most classes that are for the kids are for a few hours and are either running for a single day or, the most, a week.… [Read more]

Are Fusion Restaurants the Way to Go?


Do you like eating? I certainly do!! There is a really wide range of food which I enjoy tucking into a wide variety of food at a sitting. I’m lucky that I’m staying in Asia; being in Asia has a lot of perks when it comes to eating. In Singapore we are fortunate to be able to get food 24/7 the whole year round with many eateries offering a wide variety  of food for the picking.… [Read more]

Embracing the Peranakan Culture

Being a Peranakan (Malay term  which means “locally born”) I’m blessed to have an extremely rich heritage which draws from both Chinese traders from the 14th century to the 19th century… [Read more]

Talking About the Little Red Dot

Talk about Singapore and one is most likely to go “Where?”  ” Is it a part of China?” No it’s not. Singapore is a country in its own rights.

Many people may not have heard about this island country but it is located in Asia between Malaysia and Indonesia. It has been given the endearment the “Little Red Dot” after the former Indonesian President B.J.… [Read more]