A Fun Way to Figure Out Your Moral Relativism

You know the question. You’ve taken basic undergraduate philosophy. You’ve sent friendships to the edge discussing this – does the end really, truly, actually and completely, justify the means? It’s like that other goddamned loaded question: what’s more important, freedom or happiness?

I just want to let you know right now that I’m not going to answer either question.… [Read more]

In Defense of Patriotism

There’s a certain sentence that I don’t say around my friends. It’s a secret combination that I never say out loud, because if I do, it’s sure to unleash a tide of raised eyebrows and ‘Reaaaaaaaaaaaaally?’s, and a whole host of half-baked justifications and excuses will tumble out of my mouth. Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally, it’s better to just keep it to myself.… [Read more]

Privacy: Not Everyone Is Watching, But Some Are

There’s a lot of fear-mongering going on in the world right now. So, I am going to preface this article by telling you not to worry. Don’t get upset. Don’t panic. Maybe, just maaaaaaybe, be a little concerned. Why? Because, earlier this year, Christian Paetsch robbed a Wells Fargo bank in Aurora, Colorado.

This is not a public service announcement about banking safety.… [Read more]

Can the Law Make Us Better People?

It was the day of the election and we were talking about gay marriage.

“I think what really needs to happen is that people need to educate each other on tolerance and acceptance, because even if the federal government passes a law legalizing gay marriage, it won’t change people’s minds,” she said.

Then, after gay marriage won victories in Maine and Maryland, I was talking to another friend about the same thing.… [Read more]