It Ain’t Nothin’ But A Number

My writing has taken a more personalized turn lately, and I apologize if this seems out of place on a website devoted to socially relevant issues. Actually, no, I don’t apologize at all. Would you rather I shoot my mouth off about stuff I’m unqualified to talk about or regurgitate what I’ve read in other articles you could just as easily seek out for yourself?… [Read more]

Believe It or Not

“You see, the world’s falling apart at the rifts, And surprisingly, the leaders can’t make any sense of it We mean nothing to the world, we’re all someone else’s fool, But oh, what can you do?”

-Bad Religion, “What Can You Do?”

Last Saturday, I stopped by the National Mall to attend the Reason Rally. Billed as the largest known gathering of atheists in history, it ran all day long and included speeches and performances from numerous writers, activists, comedians and musicians who came from all over the world to share their pro-scientific-method, anti-faith-in-the-supernatural convictions.… [Read more]

Pre-Gaming For The Apocalypse

Ever since the start of the year 2012, I’ve been entertaining/freaking myself out by pondering the prospect of an impending apocalypse. Do I believe in that new-agey Mayan calendar misinterpretation nonsense? Heck no. But you must understand something: I was raised on B-movies, comic books, dystopian futuristic novels and punk rock. Whether it was horror flicks about hostile zombie takeovers, paranoid ‘80’s hardcore nuclear fallout anthems, or William Burroughs’ opiate-fueled ranting, visions of the fast-approaching collapse of civilization have been digging their claws into my brain from day one, and they’ve played no small part in shaping my outlook on current events.… [Read more]

Scorched Earth

Spring is here! My windows are open. Birds are singing. A sweet breeze is wafting through the room. I can step outside in a t-shirt. I can hear lots of sketchy people partying in the abandoned shack behind my house well into the wee hours of morning…

But so what?! It’s been spring for months! At least here on the east coast.… [Read more]

Waging War On Work

I think it’s safe to say that capitalism has run its course. No need for economists or political analysts to verify that. Just a cursory once-over of any newspaper’s front page says enough. Between the United States’ and the European Union’s deterioration, it should be obvious that the make-money-for-someone-else-and-get-a-small-piece-of-it-in-return economic model DOESN’T WORK for the long run.… [Read more]

Let The Smears Begin

The other day, while discussing current events over lunch with my parents, I gave them a warning: “Don’t be surprised if I end up serving a life sentence. If Rick Santorum becomes president, I might not be able to resist the urge to kill him.”

My old man didn’t miss a beat. “Don’t worry,” he calmly reassured me as if this were a perfectly normal conversation that every father and son has at some point.… [Read more]

(anti-)Social Media Blitz

I was just lying in bed (or rather, the tiny mattress on the floor that serves as my bed) in a daze, wondering how the hell I’m supposed to cough up a page about the topic I chose for this week: Is social media making us less social? It’s not that I don’t know what to say about this, it’s just me being neurotic.… [Read more]

News We Could Use

Despite being a writer for a news website and despite its headquarters being just a 15-minute bus ride from my house, I was unaware of one the world’s most important news sources until recently. It’s called Voice of America, and it broadcasts globally via radio, television and internet in 45 languages. When I found out that they give guided tours of their studio, I jumped at the chance to attend one.… [Read more]

Holdin’ It Down With Occupy

The papers were saying that the Park Police, after crying wolf for months, were finally going to evict Occupy DC. Then I saw the headline that 11 people were arrested while resisting. I’d been meaning to pay McPherson Square another visit, but suddenly I felt a new sense of urgency. I didn’t want to wait until it was too late.… [Read more]

My Summer of Ulcers: Amerikan Medicine In Action

I’ve grown afraid of turning into an armchair reporter. A search engine, a bag of English-class composition tricks, and a backlog of polysyllabic words I picked up from listening to too much Bad Religion as a kid; I’m only 3 articles into my stint with BNV and this formula’s getting old already. Maybe being a research monkey isn’t my thing after all.… [Read more]